Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I am the prize in your cereal box...

Hmm... Well, since other people seem to know my history better than myself, I will direct you to the "8 O'clock Chaplet" Blog for info on my 4th of July trip.

Oh, and for the record, I'm the one obscured in every picture. Those points aside...

I'm still using the phone line for my internet, as the internet line in my room seems to have rebelled. That's ok, I think after the initial withdrawl, life is slightly better without internet.
Wait, what am I saying?! I NEED INTERNET!! Please come back to me... *Sigh*

Prayer request of the day: The Read family... My sister's boyfriend's and my ex- girlfriend's family(Yes, I once had a girlfriend, shut up, that isn't the point). They're family is going through tough times, and I think prayer is one of very few things that can help them.

I got a job!! Hail to the king, baby. I now deliver pizzas. Thrilling, I know, but dude, working for tips is SWEET!!! I made $34 on my first day alone, and half my day was spent in training! Yes... I shall have money for poker indeed... good, good....

I was thinking about getting all the Christendom folk together for a trip to six flags, but I think I'll forget it... I need to work as much as possible, and not spend money on stuff like that. Or maybe I'll get them all set to go, then just skip. I'm sure they'll still all have fun.

Hey, I just had three words in a row end with "ll".

I think I better get off... they're nothing to be done, I'm just bored. Peace out, y'all.


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