Monday, April 16, 2007

The great priority shift...

And so, here I am. My roommates slumber, and I type away on my laptop to a gentle tune as a single tear falls down my cheek.

Actually, it's not a tear. I just dribbled my drink... into my eye.

Ok, my Italian oral final is tomorrow, and I've read through this thing I'm supposed to read to her twice. Twice is not enough, but I'm at the stage where I've stopped stressing. Or, maybe it's a form of stressing... I don't think so, though, because it's not unpleasant. It's... a gentle numbness. Also, I'm kind of tired. Through all of these things, I was inspired to hit the Blogspot situation. Be all like "Hey, this is my life... observe!" So, I shall set the coffee heating up, crank up the Journey, and tell you all a few things before I settle in with the book of Mormon... I mean, the Italian text book.

One moment, please.

There. So, where to begin? I know, I said I'd give you a series of short posts... well... it didn't happen. But you knew that. Yes, I simply don't have the motivation to tell you the things in my life. I say "motivation" as opposed to "time", because, in all reality, I waste most of my time here doing next to nothin'. So, without further adieau, let's shoot for... Easter.

On good Friday, I went to vespers at the Old Rite church with Rob, where we go every week... except it wasn't at the church, they re-located for the time to a different church a few blocks away. But no matter... anyway, we went to that place. It was quite cool, actually... they chanted the passion in Latin. ...Shoot, that WAS friday, right? It all sorta mixes together... much like I'm sure this semester will once I'm back in da States. Anyway, it was cool, 'cause the Priest wore black vestaments. Neat looking.

On Holy Saturday, we slept some, preparing ourselves for the long night ahead. At Game Time, we(Rob, Liz, and myself) went to the Easter Vigil.
It was quite cool, as always. I was disappointed that they turned the lights on so early in the Mass, considering we were each armed with a candle. Speaking of the candles...

So, Liz and I are in the back of the church, standing there with our candles. Well, about an hour and a half in, I happened to notice that her candle was getting rather small... she was starting to have trouble gripping it properly. So I offered a trade. I took the small candle, melted the bottom of it with MY candle, handed my big candle to Liz, and stuck the small candle onto my thumbnai where it stuck happily for another good ten or fifteen minutes. The thing was the size of a shirt button before I blew it out, and I only did THAT because I was afraid of it falling off my thumbnail and lighting a pew on fire, effectively ruining Mass for everyone and possibliy resulting in my excommunication on grounds of arson, or the like. So, to avoid arson, I blew it out... I was proud of my own ingenuity, though, and thought I'd toot my own horn(this being my blog, and thus allowing me to say whatever I bloddy-well like).

So, yeah, we had candles, but they turned the lights on. Too bad. Anyway, after a quality two and a half hour Mass, we left with some fella named Joe to wander around Rome a bit. THEN, at long last, we went back to Candia to Trena's party.

Trena had told us ahead of time that she was having an all-night party after vigil Mass, and everyone was invited... w00t! Also, everyone was bringing food.
I discovered, at this party, that apperently I make the best devilled eggs in all the land. Go me.
Rob and I stopped by the room briefly to unwind, and pick up our contributions. Our contributions included the devilled eggs and this:

OMYGOSH!!! I haven't talked about Orvieto yet!! Ok... crap... I'll just have to talk about it later. Stupid my life continuing without letting my blog have time to catch up! Before, I could sum up a month's worth of my life in a five-minute post... NOW I'm up to something every WEEK! *Sigh* Ok, yeah, next post will be Orvieto, though it comes earlier chronologically.

Right, so, our contributions for Easter were eggs and this bad boy:

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*Heavenly choir*

This is just magically delicious Scotch that I hadn't had in a good, long while. I was pretty excited about cracking it open, as was Rob. See, we had plans of celebrating all of Easter week with that baby. They fell through. How? Because C-Dom surprised me with its ability to drink when faced with QUALITY alchohol. Soon as I cracked that open at the party (to which we were fashionably late, and notably missed... woo!), people were EVERYWHERE asked for a bit! Students, yes, but it was truly when I walked passed Mr. Akers and Alfonz that I took the biggest hit.
Mr. Akers: Hey Joe, what'cha got there?
Me: Chivas Regal.
And suddenly, though I didn't notice before hand they were holding cups, they were all handing out their cups like a gypsy holding his collection cup under my nose begging for a handout. Alfonz quipped that he hadn't had any in YEARS, and Mr. Akers was soon asking for seconds. Everyone liked it, to say the least... everyone that tried it, anyhow.

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Me with Chivas Bottle, April 7th, 2007... R.I.P.

Chivas Regal

You will be missed.

*sigh* He truly will. Oh, that reminds me, I need to get my dishes back from Trena... she still has my egg plate, and M&M bowl, and Chivas Bottle I hope.

So, yeah, I made it 'till about 6 AM... then I went back to the room "to get a coat" and promptly crashed in front of the computer for a half hour, during which time the sun rose, and I officially "lost" Easter. Oh, well.

Look at this picture that I took!
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Rob is pimpin' the Chivas.

Ok, I should get to studying... I'm feeling the sleep creeping up on me. I still think of that childrens story about the town that thought Sleep was an invisible monster that attacked you when you least expected it. I wonder in recent times if they weren't far off... But that's neither here, nor there.

Wish me luck, and for cryin' out loud, pray for me!! PLEASE!!!



Anonymous GF said...

You look like a nut. Of course, not as bad as I looked on Friday, I'm sure. MAN that was a crazy night!

Love you! Again, good luck on your exam...

5:52 PM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

Ugh... working on it right now (4:03 AM)... not fun! Me wantee sleepy!!

7:04 PM  
Anonymous gf said...

Dude, don't even talk to me about sleep. I was up all weekend, minus two hours. I had to sleep for 14 and a half hours last night, and I'm STILL tired...

You'll be fine, sweetie. I have faith in you! =)

8:33 PM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

Mm-hmm... and WHAT were you doing instead of sleeping, eh?
That 14 hours sounds like a plan, though... I think I could go for that tonight.

Thanks, babe. 4 hours 'till game time...

4:33 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

And when it's game time, it's Pain-Time, baby! Woooooooo!!!!!!!

So ... home in 2 weeks. Sick of Rome yet? You know what they say, "There's no place like Rome." Ah, Rome sweet Rome. Huh ... it's funny when you say that in the Scooby-Doo voice.

Oh, JOE!!! You've GOT to see this play submarine Dad and I are building for Brendan for his birthday. It's 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. I was going to try to describe it to you, but I think I'll draw a picture of it in paint and post it on my blod ... when I get a chance. I still have the next installment of my book to finish. But we'll be taking pictures of it as we go along, but it is going to RULE!!!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous PianolaGirl said...

Chivas Regal . . . ahhhhh. You are your mother's child.

5:06 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Ok, Joe ... check my blog and view the awesomeness that is the sub I will be building for Brendan. I bought the supplies yesterday ... just $200!!!

What do you think of my blueprint-drawing prowess?

8:48 AM  
Blogger White Phantom said...

Yea, not a word about sleep from you buddy. I just finished a 9 page Marshner paper that's HALF MY FREAKING GRADE!! (And now to write a 10 page overdue Bersnak paper, a Snyder paper and a Keats paper. THEN I get to read Crime & Punishment, the whole thing, and do two months of Spanish homework.) Not a word.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Propter Quid said...

You bum. We only used crap whiskey because we were on a budget and here you buy this.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

Jenne - Hey, it's not MY fault you procrastinate. (Sure, it's my fault that I procrastinate, but we're not talking about me.) I was up past 4 for five nights in the same week. You know what I was doing?!



*whew*... feel free to kick me in the shins when I get back. It was worth it.

Andrew - Well, c'mon man, it was EASTER! We had to get the classy stuff. 'Sides, you may have had crappy whiskey, but you probably got more than one glass of it, right? ;) Mr. Akers can put that stuff AWAY...

8:20 AM  

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