Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the way back, pre-dinner... content.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Girly-friend:

A.) You drive WAY too fast.

B.) You should be paying attention to the road...I don't want you dying on me!

C.) I miss you... ;)

4:58 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

A) She's right!

2) Last week, we had a "Wildcard's Origin" episode ... and Konduit was thought to have turned villian.

III) I'll be posting my first chapter within the next day or two. Stand by!

7:26 AM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, OK.

Number A): I was wrong about the 100 miles an hour thing... I got the kilometer/mile conversion mixed up with the dollar/euro conversion. I actually have no idea how fast I was going. BESIDES which, see me following the car ahead? THEY were going that fast, if not faster!! So nyeah.

Number B): The camera's all over the place BECAUSE I was paying attention to the road! No dying here!

Number C): I miss you too!

Number 2): HOW is Konduit a villian? He's not a villian, he's just lead by his passions, and is hateful of most of the people around him, and... and...... oh, crud.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Ok ... Just to clarify, we THOUGHT Konduit had gone villian, but he didn't. Here's what happened.

It was exam week at Sky high, which meant the heroes and sidekicks all had to report to two different locations to take down villians running rampant there.

Well, as both teams, at completely opposite ends of the earth, began their attempt to bring down Elephant (who is a big tough dude that looks like a dude wearing an elephant costume) and Doc. Seizmic (you may remember him as the 80 year old villian who has the power to create earthquakes and controles magma-monsters), a bright yellowish-greenish flash covered everyone, and all of a sudden everyone had switched bodies.

For instance ... Wildcard was in Coach Boomer's body, Crysti was in Green Ghost's body, Coach Boomer was in Konduit's body, Konduit was in Wildcard's body, etc., etc., etc.

Well, Konduit (as Wildcard) kept playing around with how to shuffle the powers, going from radiation to electricity (and sending inconspicuous shocks at several people, even knocking out Coach Boomer in Konduit's body) to flight. Meanwhile, the rest of the team went on to fight the badguys. Wildcard (being used to switching powers all the time) got the swing of Boomer's powers fairly quickly and commanded Elephant to sleep. The other team, taking out Doc. Seizmic, fought for quite some time, eventually forcing him to retreat (actually fall) back into the giant chasm he created in the Himalayas ... he may be dead, we don't know.

So, bad guys subdued, everybody had to figure out how to get back into their regular bodies. The Doc. Seizmic team flew to catch up with the Elephant team. Wildcard (in Boomer's body) spotted Isotope (a teleporting villian) on top of a building, and knocked him down with a sonic blast. Then someone knocked him out ... I don't remember who or how, but it was pretty quick.

Well ... that's when things got interesting. Wildcard found a red die in Isotope's pocket. Machine Boy examined it and noticed that it was crammed with circuitry. As that was going on, Konduit (in Wildcard's body) suddenly clicked a set of powers that turned his eyes a silvery color. He then announced how ultimate power was finally his, and he turned on his friends.

Well ... it wasn't Konduit in Wildcard's body afterall ... it was Roulette.

So, the fighting begins again, while Wildcard was torn between joining the fight and trying to protect his own body from harm or worse. In desperation, he decided that everyone had switched bodies by the power of the die, so he tossed the die to see what would happen. Everyone switched back to their own bodies.

Great, right? Well, where was Roulette and how can she be prevented from doing the same thing again? Easy ... find her and stop her.

Green Ghost sped through the city, looking for Roulette's body while Wildcard used his newly shuffled power of telepathy to see if he could locate her. There she is! In the museum.

Get her!!! Everyone bumrushes the museum and plows into the room Roulette is in. Bam, they knock her out. Here comes her back up ... oh wait, Roulette's out? We're outta here!

Wildcard then probes Roulette's mind and learns a terrible secret. Roulette paid an old Golden Age villian named "Red Brain" a great sum of money to create a super-powered being she could then steal powers from. Then, probing deeper into her mind, Wildcard saw a test-tube, leading to a baby in some sort of tank of water, to a child being delivered to an orphanage, to a kid calling himself john Doe going to Sky High. Bottom line? Roulette, in some bizarre way, is Wildcard's mother!!! And the way she intends to steal his powers? Frontal Lobotomy.

So there you have it ... Wildcard's origin is revealed.

Oh, and offhandedly, he had himself x-rayed so he could exmaine why clicking his spine caused his powers to shuffle, and apparently his spine is a spiral, as if each vertibra were a piece of a long rubick's cube, and as each one turns, the combination causes a new power.

So, there you have it.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

So, ok, wait... where WAS Konduit, if not in Wildcard's body? What was the untimate power she discovered? Can we, next week, shuffle your powers until WE find the power that turns your eyes silver and apperently is ultimate in some way?

DAMNIT, I AM evil!!! But my point remains valid!!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Oh yeah … Konduit was in Roulette’s body, tied up in a maintenance closet. We found that out when everyone got switched back to their own bodies … Konduit told us where he was. The ultimate power she discovered seemed to be extreme telekinesis; the ability to move anything with her mind. Think Darth Vader on Steroids.

As far as reshuffling powers to find the one we want, there are apparently 80,000 possibilities, which means everytime we reshuffle, there is a 1-80,000 chance of finding the one we want.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Mike - I guess Real Ultimate Power isn't WORTH your time and consideration. Silly me to think that you might spend, I dunno, an hour out of your OH SO BUSY week to maybe TRY to achieve true power. Guess that's just not a worthy pursuit. And what am I supposed to do, redirect all the power of the sun into myself? Is that how I achieve real ultimate power?

You make me sick.

So anyway, was she still tied up when we found her? And... how'd she tie herself up? Is there another person at work here, or does she have mad skills?

P.S. - I should have another update or two on the way real soon.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Oh, she had herself tied up by her minions. She was tied up when we found her, but when we got there, she was able to break free, causing a small skirmish. But that ended when I mentally screamed in her brain.

Oh yeah ... that reminds me. So, Cristy had the power of the Green Ghost, right? Well ... she was trying to figure out how to punch people (since the Green Ghost can go immaterial and become material at will), and as she was fighting with Isotope, she went to punch him, thought, "oh yeah ... my fist'll pass right through if I don't become solid" ... AS SHE WAS PUNCHING. Guess where her fist went? You got it ... she punched Isotope IN THE BRAIN!!! Can we say "comatose?"

Ok ... just so you don't think I've gone TOTALLY goodie-goodie ... when I was in Boomer's body, I promoted Wildcard from Sidekick to Hero. I'd have done the same for you ... but I forgot you were a sidekick. Sorry.

We have both really tormented Larry quite a bit, though ... and he may very well be on his way to becoming a villian. Does that help?

4:38 PM  

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