Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am the Roman, I am the Roman, coo-coo-cachu.


I am tired beyond all belief. I have been up WAY too late the past few nights. Would you believe I still got to bed before 3 AM? It's new, improved me! I get to bed earlier, but I don't feel any more rested for it.

Wait... that doesn't sound improved at all.

I was up 'till about 2:30 just chillin' on sunday night. Last night, I was up late studying. Yes, studying. You heard me. Studying.


What? I don't lose face for this! I wouldn't have been up late studying if I had done my homework earlier, when I should have!! So there. Anyway, I was up late tonight, just talking to people, and planning things for tomorrow, I guess. Someone's doing something... I wasn't really paying attention 'till they said "Guys should bring alchohol." What I heard was "You've been drafted." Mmmm.... cold draft beer.
Anyway, so, yeah... tired. BUT, I have pictures, so without further aideau, which is French, I present you with pictures! I skipped pictures of the Roman forum because I'm trying to give you my most interesting, if not glamorous, pictures, and keep it short. Yes, the Roman forum is boring after a while. Deal with it.

This first set of pictures is just a fault of mine... I can't begin to describe how amazing this church was. And the pictures don't do it a LICK of justice - I was feeling rather shaky that day. It's all the crack-cocain here in Rome... gets to a person.

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They had so many chandeliers...

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And it was just... just so COOL looking...

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That I couldn't stop! Still, be thankful, I took WAY more pictures than these of the place!

Hmm... I thought I had more pictures than these... oh well, at least you don't know what you're missing! 'Sides, you'll see 'm all eventually. Check these.

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This was... uh... like, some temple... or something... I dunno. Faustinius and Antonius' temple? Maybe?

So THEN, we stopped by some building.... what was it called?

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If you can believe it, I've been less impressed by this than most places... it's been turned into a bit of a tourist attraction, whereas everything else is untouched history. Does that make sense?

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Still... doesn't change what it is. Pretty amazing.

OK, just a few more sceneic shots for those of you out there who have seen it all before. I need to start taking pictures of people, I know, but I don't wanna seem like I'm playing favorites.

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Temple of Saturn, biotch! You KNOW he woulda laid the smite down on anyone who didn't recognise! ...that is, he would have, had he existed...

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He's a better shot of St. Peter's square.

Wait, this isn't a blog! It's a depository of my pictures! What's going on lately? We're going to assissi on thursday, which means no updates for another while. I'm kinda angry, too - they're making us pack up EVERYTHING. And I just went grocery shopping! So I've been eating like mad. That, and... drinking.

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Translation: Strongest light beer in the world. At 12% alchohol, it BETTER be. I've found a new favorite beer!

Oh, did I tell you guys I didn't make it to the super bowl?! Or rather, didn't get to watch? I went with a buncha people to the scholars lounge, and the Abby theater, and both were PACKED!!! We couldn't get in! So we were dejected and reject, so we stumbled into the Shamrock, a quaint little place with no TV, which meant no people. We drank ourselves happy again (Kyle was upset at first, but I don't care.... he gets REALLY funny when he's been drinking. Oh. My. Gosh.), and stumbled back to the hotel at about 2:30 AM.
Oh, before I forget - beware bus 87. There's always a really smelly guy sitting at the back. Same guy, same bus, same stench. Creepy.

Anyway, Rob, Liz, Megan and I were sick of local food, so we left for the Hard Rock Cafe recently.

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Go Rob... Go Rob... Go Rob...
(Just kidding Joe, Jane, and Ed... they didn't drink THAT much. In fact, I drank WELL more than any of them with my hurricane, which I took a picture of but chose not to post.)

So, after that, and more photo-ing, we wondered the streets. And lemme tell ya something... this City puts on a hell of a show at night.

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Yeah. Pretty amazing.

Maybe, MAYBE, I'll post tomorrow and tell you all what I've ACTUALLY been up to. Sorry, I don't multi-task. Either you get the regular me-report, or you get pictures. And a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm not THAT word wealthy, leave me alone!
In case you're wondering, it's the Jameson whiskey talking right now. No, I'm not an alchoholic. I ALWAYS drink on Tuesday nights.

...That... didn't help my argument, did it?

Alright, I'm done here. I just have a couple of peolpe I need to contact, then It's bedtime for bonzo. Weird to think it's only 7 o'clock for you saps in Virginia (6 for you, sweetheart). Well, anyway, g'night friends. And for crying out loud, if you stop by, comment! I'm not here for you! I wanna hear about how great I am!



Blogger White Phantom said...


You have NO IDEA just HOW MUCH I miss you guys! Seriously, I refuse to cry in the compy lab, so I'm not. But if I was in my room. . . .

Anyway, great pics. Keep it up! I love to see what ya'll are up to.
Oh, and you are so awesome.

7:53 PM  
Blogger punkrebel said...

Hey baby...just wanted to let you know I probably won't be using blogger anymore. When I tried to log in to update, they wanted me to do the new "google" blog thingy, but to do that, I would need to set up a google account, which I don't want to do. So, I don't know what I'm going to do, but I won't be updating it for a while. I like e-mailing better, anyway. Love ya'!

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Sista-girl said...

Wow Joe, those pictures (especially the night ones) are great!!!! Very pretty! Man, it sounds like you're having such a great time, too bad things over here rock so much. Yeah, Christendom is so great a place that I don't miss you at all. Nope, it's just one happening thing after another. Yeah, like all that snow I was bragging about, it totally trapped me in my house from Tuesday night until Thursday afternoon. It was great, what with not having any tv or internet access. You know you're jealous. :)~ Nah, really, things are moving along here, but...heck, I'll say it, you are missed. Glad you're having a good time. Keep the pictures coming!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Captain Oblivious said...

Joe, you know I think you're awesome!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous The Preggo said...

Joe, post something new!!!!!!! I need to know what's up in Rome, and I need pictures!! POST!!!

2:02 PM  

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