Friday, January 11, 2008

ALL Report, and a note of apology

Dearest Blog readers:

First thing's first. I've fallen behind on my posting of these reports, but please keep in mind, EVERYONE MUST KNOW!!! Except perhaps children... They're good not knowing.

Planned Parenthood attacks Christmas

Planned Parenthood sells sex

Now, the note of apology. Sorry I haven't been updating, speaking, or really doing anything of use since december-ish... But, you see, who wants to read the blog of someone who does nothing? It's like reading a bird's memoirs. Who wants to hear the thoughts of a bird? NO ONE, that's who!! Y'know why? Because birds don't lead epic lives. And neither have I. Until now!

Actually, life is great right now. I'm chillin' in Wisconsin, having a grand time with my lady. We went clubbing last night... that was interesting. Fun, though! Neither of us had ever been to a club before, so naturally, we made a spectacle of ourselves. BUT, I will talk more about this visit when it comes to an end. Then, of course, I'll have school to talk about, so essentially, I'll be BACK ON THE AIR!!!! Wooooooooo!

Until then, however, I must bid you a-doo!



Blogger discomike2000 said...

"We went clubbing last night ..."

Baby seals?

Dude, you are so wrong!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

I THOUGHT THE SAME JOKE TO MYSELF LAST NIGHT!!! That's hilarious!!! And... a little creepy how we think alike. Weirds me out. Hey, with the semester fast approaching, we need to figure out a date for our next movie weekend!

2:13 PM  

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