Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grounded: The Conclusion.

Now, where was I?

Ah, yes...

So, I'm told I've been stabbed in the back to my face(then I paid through the nose for something that cost an arm and a leg). Apparently, according to my proctor, he didn't tell me I was breaking a rule because he "didn't want to embaress me by publicly reprimanding me."

Yeah. Bull.

So instead, he chose to let me finish breaking the rule, thereby sealing my fate. Next time, embaress me. Douchebag. So anyway, I ask him if I can go talk to Mr. Wurtz about it and just get it cleared up, but no. He's not here on Fridays. And why would he be? Not like it's a weekday, or anything. Surely no one would want an overnight permission form by then, or anything. Nope. *sigh*


I wait my time like a good little boy. Monday rolls around, and I call the proctor to ask him if he's spoken to Wurtz yet, so I know if I have to. Please keep in mind, this proctor said several times that I probably wouldn't have to talk to Wurtz. He said he'd take care of it, and I probably wouldn't get any punishment for it. I asked him if I could go talk to Wurtz WITH him, so we could be perfectly clear, but he was strangely against that idea. "No, no, you probably won't have to talk to him, I'll just tell him what you told me."

Uh-huh. I think I'll never let anyone use the word "probably" with me again.

So, back to the phone call. I ask him if he's spoken to Wurtz yet, and the response is: "Yeah, I just finished talking to him. He still wants to talk to you, just to clear it all up, but I don't think you'll get anything for it. I told him what you told me." I'm no psychologist, but is repeating yourself over and over a sign of honesty?

Whatever. Fine.

So, I go speak to Wurtz. He asks for my side of the story, and I tell it, just as I've told you lot, and just as I told Captain Proctor Man. Wurtz seems somewhat surprised at the "he never told me I was doing anything wrong the whole time I spoke to him" and "he wouldn't have seen me if I hadn't called him over" parts. That interests me, because you HAVE to figure that I should only be punished if I knew I was breaking the law(y'know, like GOD does it?), and you'd THINK I would try to HIDE it if I were TRYING to break the law.


But no, I called him over to have a nice chat. I tell Wurtz that his proctor didn't do his job. At all. Then, Wurtz and I have a nice laugh about it. THEN, he says "Well, ok, here's what I'll do. You're campused for three days, starting tomorrow. Other than for class and meals, you have to stay in your room."

... Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Don't do me any favors, or anything. You're sending me to my room? Are you mental? I finished someone's wine because they asked me to, THEN I TALKED TO A PROCTOR WHILE I DRANK IT, AND NOW YOU'RE PUNISHING ME???
I need a drink...

So, yes. Today is the last day of my "punishment". Damn them for making me stay in my room to eat my food, drink my mountain dew, watch my Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and play my GameCube. I'm fairly certain that's me getting the last laugh, but I'm STILL miffed that they actually had the gall to punish me for something so assinine.

Damn. I have one hour to come up with a paper proposal. ENJOY FALL BREAK, Y'ALL!!!


P.S. - Here's a picture of me posing with St. Francis during the night-which-must-not-be-named:


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