Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senior year.

So, this is it.

The one we've all been looking forward to, or fearing, or however the rest of my class feels about it.

Senior year.

Don't ask me how it's been, because I pray to every saint related to college that my first two weeks here aren't an indication of things to come.
I shouldn't say "first two", because honestly, this week hasn't been all THAT bad... More of a roller-coaster, actually. Imagine the most fun roller coaster you've EVER ridden. Now, imagine being shot several times while you were riding. Would you ask to get off, or figure that SURELY you wouldn't be hit by any MORE "stray" bullets? It's kinda like that.

But I digress. It just took a bad turn today. Like, one of those senior-year changing turns. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

So it all started when we got our room assignments. We (The Commonwealth of Guardian Angel: Ben Hough, Joe Hichborn, Rand Brown II, and Paul Amadeus Provencher) had been waiting all summer for them, because they would be the bearers of good news. We had spoken to Wurtz-y about our living situation at the end of last year, and he told us, verbatim, that were were "at the top of the list" to live together in Cardinal Newman (Guardian Angel is its TRUE name). So imagine our reaction when Ben and I opened our respective letters and found that we were, indeed, living together.

In middle floor Saint Ben's.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of my Catholic faith, but if I want to go to hell, I should at least have the fun of sinning, right? Rand and Paul had similar issues: they got to live together as well, in St. Augustine's. Yeah, right. Well, at least St. Augustine's has a kitchen, Ben and I figure. So as soon as we arrived on campus, we went straight to St. Augustine's to move in next door to Rand and Paul. Room assignments be DAMNED!


Later that day, Ben and I moved into St. Ben's. We didn't unpack, however, because the war was FAR from over. So we waited. Wurtz told us he'd talk to us on Thursday (delay tactic, Rand informed me). So we waited more. At 9 AM, we waited outside Wurtz's office to speak to him. He arrived, and said he'd talk to us at 5 PM(he fears us, Rand assured me). So again we waited. At 5:15, I got out of class and walked to the office. Our time had come. Negotiations were tough. I'll spare the details, suffice it to say he said he'd "do everything he could", and that he "had to talk to the others involved", and that he'd "get back to us". Despite the dodging, and the lack of ANY concrete answer, we felt good. Tomorrow, we'd have our answer.

We waited.

At last, I got the call: we were moving in! We initiated the move, and the Commonwealth was re-established at last.
That was all last weekend. We've started fixing the place up: moved all our stuff in, unpacked, arranged the living room somewhat, all that good stuff. This weekend, Ben and I arranged to go to each of our homes, and grab the rest of our stuff. We didn't pack everything, since we knew we'd be moving, and didn't want to lug too much stuff around.

Well, it seems ol' bait and switch is at it again. I suppose I shouldn't rant on this blog, for fear of offending the parties involved... suffice it to say that the Commonwealth, by its very nature, will ALWAYS be under fire by the administration.

Did I mention the summer? It continued, more or less as planned. Highlight of the summer was a bit of a tie between the birth of my new niece, Kaylee Joanna Read...

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And visiting my girlfriend, Leah Colleen Marsh...

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I sure as hell can't decide who's cuter! Luckily, they don't seem to be jealous of eachother, so I can have my cake and eat it too.

Kaylee's a very sweet little girl, and she loves her uncle Joe. I helped babysit her yesterday afternoon, and she was happy as a clam (until it was feeding time, a power I still lack). AND she has a cousin that's one month younger than her! Sebastian Alexander Hichborn was born last Saturday morning at 12:30 AM. So I'm pretty much completely loaded down with nieces and nephews now. No more, you guys. Seriously.

Leah's just an awesome girlfriend. Aside from just chillin, which we did a lot of, we went out to see a couple of movies, went to FREAKING GREEN BAY TO SEE LAMBEAU FIELD(pictures on Facebook, sorry), AND one night we went out to a very nice restaurant, had an amazing meal (who's leftovers I left uneaten in Leah fridge, darn it), and then we went to play putt-putt (still wearing our nice clothes from the restaurant).

We tied.

Anyway, lot's of cool stuff all around. NOW... Back to C-Dom.
Despite it's many faults, it's almost good to be back here. I have a full schedule:

Last weekend I went to the river and moved in.
Tonight I have a fantasy football draft.
Tomorrow, I'm going home to collect my stuff, and drink, and do more fantasy foorball draft.
September 9th, I'm going to the Miami Dolphins vs. the Washington Redskins kickoff weekend football game. In box seats. With air conditioning, and buffalo wings, and the like.
September 16th, Mike's coming to Fro Ro for a guy-movie weekend. Which will be amazing.
September 24th... well, we'll just have to see, won't we?

What? Surely you didn't think I meant CLASS when I said "schedule", did you?! Ah, my fair reader... you have much to learn.

Speaking of class, it's Bracy time.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

Good to see you're still carrying the torch and lighting the way at Christendom. Maybe you can get your bro. Mike to update the antedeluvian one of these years.


--Nick M.

6:46 AM  

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