Thursday, May 31, 2007

How's that taste? Bitter? Hard to get down?

I'm referring, of course, to my pride. I need to swallow it. And I'm not talking about my lions, the state made me get rid of them MONTHS ago. I mean that thing that makes my head swell up like a finger smashed by a hockey puck.

For the past month, I've been lazing about, telling myself that I want a REAL job, something to get my foot in the door for my first summer out of college. Then, I sat around doing nothing. Well, that ship has sailed. Now I need a job.
I mean, yeah, it was a respectable pursuit, but let's face it: I'll have plenty of time after college to get a job. But summer is running out. I don't even need the money THAT much, I just need to be doing something. I CANNOT laze around this house anymore. When I relax, I want to feel that I deserve it. So, that's it. I'ma get a crappy, dead-end, no-respect college job or two to spend my time. I think maybe my problem was I was intimidated because the two people I talk to the most, Daniel and Leah, ARE out of college, and DO have, or are looking for, respectable jobs. I just thought, why don't I? But there's actually a pretty good reason. I'm not looking for a long-term job, which is really the only respectable job I'm looking for. There's a REASON some people are called "temps". So, yeah. That's my revelation. I'm ready to get a coupla crappy jobs, make some money, and do something with my summer. After I GET the jobs, I can start planning my vacations! Like: Go to Wisconsin, go to Kings Dominion, go camping, go.... away! Anywhere, I dunno! Could this be the summer I get a car? Could be, it's just gettin' started, after all.

Ok, thanks for putting up with that ramble. Now, something we can all enjoy.
Uh.... did you know that eating breath mints until 3 am is NOT the equivelent of brushing your teeth? Eww.

OOH! My blog should do a clip show. You know, re-post some of my best quotes, or even comments! After all, we HAVE decided it's going downhill, so a clip show would be PERFECT! Of course, I'll throw in about 3 original lines between clips, to make it FEEL like a new post, but it won't really be. It'll just be a trick.

Did I already do a "I'm a senior, woooooo." flipout post? Well, just in case...

I'M A SENIOR!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna huck some freshmen in the pool... not that they have the luau outside any more. Yeah, THAT makes sense.

I hope you all realize, now, why I waited so long to post. Sitting around here, I have NOTHING to say. Now the questions should be, why DID I post? I guess just to talk about jobs... sometimes I forgot that this is MY blog, not y'all's.


So, y'know, no whining. Ooh, phone. ...Doot doot doo... Ok, why do so many people have to ask if "Fence Post" is one word or two?! Honestly!!

Minimum length reached. Shutting down. Beeeeeoooooo.......

Well, I'm phasing.


Anonymous gf said...

HEY!!! I just read your about me profile...I refuse to be referred to as a "cheese-head". Just because I happen to live in WI NOW, I'm actually not a full-blooded "cheese-head" seeing as how I was BORN in NJ (not much better, I know this, but STILL)! =)

5:11 PM  

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