Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Words... should've sent... a poet...!

Well, it's done. My trip to Rome is officially a thing of the past. Not just because I'm home, but because I've seen all my family and friends(that live in Virginia, that is) and given them all their souvenirs. There's nothing left for me to do but find a job and settle in to...

The Summer Life.

So now, INSTEAD of finding a job or finishing unpacking, I'm lying in bed, my laptop atop my lap, marveling at the comfort of my bed as compared to those in Italy. I'm ALSO marveling at the speed of the internet 'round here. It's a pretty-pretty nice. What's the next step for me? I don't know... this week will be:
1) Unpacking
2) Cleaning
3) Saying final goodbyes to the people at C-Dom (Graduation is this saturday, I believe)

In the coming weeks, there'll be stuff like job-finding, friend-hang-out-withing, and sip-lemonade-in-the-hammock-I-wish-we-owned.


But I'll jump that hurdle when I come to it. That's an attitude I have towards many, many things. Is that bad? It's not like I NEVER plan ahead... I just try not to let stress get to me before I need it. Yes, like it or not, I need stress sometimes. We all do. Stress tells you when you need a vacation, or a re-arranging of priorities, or even a new something(Job, relationship, environment). Not only that, but stress is what makes you get things done. I didn't get stressed out over finals in Rome, and what happened? I studied for 15 minutes for each of them. That CAN'T be good. I'm not saying you should be happy when you ARE stressed, because stress is just a sign of a need for change. If you're stressed about something(like finals) then either A) you haven't studied enough, or B) you need to relax a bit, and hang out with friends or something. Remember, you won't see them for much longer.

Here's where the problem comes in. People can't tell if their stress is telling them to work harder or less hard. This is where the great priority shift comes in. Let me break it down for you.

If you're getting an A- on all your finals, and you're studying an extra hour per day to get rid of that minus, you BADLY need to chill. Honestly, who are you trying to impress? Because it's certainly not working on me.

If you're lying in bed, posting on blogs, and whining that you haven't gotten anything done yet but you're too unmotivated to move, you probably need to work HARDER.

If you're very pregnant, taking 4 english classes, forbidden from drinking alchohol, and easily stress over finals reGARDLESS... *shudder*. Never mind, I can't even IMAGINE someone in that unpleasant a situation.

See what I mean? In a way, stress makes the world go 'round. It's what gives people their identity. That said, it still sucks, and I pity people who put stress on themSELVES when they really don't need it.


Hmm.... and so, there's my essay on stress. It may not be in PERFECT Turabian format, but really, you think I'm going to put that kinda stress on myself? ;)


P.S. Ugh... "ciao" was a cooler thing to say before I went to Italy. I need a new "Peace out" thing to say. I'll figure that out later.


Blogger Mike said...

If you're very pregnant, taking 4 english classes, forbidden from drinking alchohol, and easily stress over finals reGARDLESS... *shudder*. Never mind, I can't even IMAGINE someone in that unpleasant a situation.

Hmm ... I have NOOooo idea who you could EVER be talking about. Certainly no one you and I both know, or may even be related to. THAT would be just weird!!!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Stresing over one more final said...

Uh...you mean you aren't supposed to drink alcohol while pregnant? Doesn't having 4 English classes supercede that rule? BLAST! It was good you came to see me last weekend and let me chill and not do a lick of studying. I think I needed that break. Honestly, I think my pregnancy has made me care just a little less about my finals, but only a little. While stuyding last night with the girls, we broke into a light switch rave and danced. It was great. I hate stress, but I think you were dead-on on some of your musings.

Don't forget, if you wanna, you can stay with me this weekend for graduation. Oh, and congratulations. You've been blamed for doing something on campus while you're chilling in Stafford. You just rock like that!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

What?! What was I blamed for?! Ah, screw it, I'm calling.

I think I'll take you up on that offer... I need to do some serious chillin' this weekend. I'm going to Steve's on Friday, so see you Saturday? Yes? Cool.

6:25 PM  

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