Monday, October 15, 2007

A desperate bid for ratings.

Due to a severe lack of interest, both on the parts of the viewers and your beloved author, I have decided to add a new feature to this Blog: Weekly picks. Every week, I will be looking at the next week's NFL matchups and choosing who, in my amateur opinion, will be the victors. I am doing this mostly to inspire myself to post at least once a week(as these posts won't JUST be for the picks, but also my own whinings as well).

So, without further (french word), let's see...


Week 7:
Titans(3-2) at Texans(3-3)
The old vs. the new. The Texans are looking to break out of the middle of the pack, and their tendency to keep games close will give them a victory in this one. Texans in a close one.

Ravens(4-2) at Bills(1-4)
The Ravens' amazing defense won't break a sweat vs. JP Losman and company. Ravens take it.
**UPDATE** Trent Edwards will be starting instead of JP Losman this sunday. It will help, but not enough. Stick with the Ravens.

Vikings(2-3) at Cowboys(5-1)
Adrian Peterson is good, but not good enough to win a second game all by himself, especially against a Cowboys team looking to re-assert their strength after an embarassing loss at home. Cowboys by a couple TDs.

Buccaneers(4-2) at Lions(3-2)
Joey Galloway has finally found his niche, and look for him to continue building speed. Buccaneers on the road.

Cardinals(3-3) at Redskins(3-2)
Campbell and co. can do a number when they're on their home turf, even against a Cardinal's offense that can be explosive when it wants to be. Redskins in a squeaker.

49ers(2-3) at Giants(4-2)
Look for Frank Gore to start to look like the RB he was last year. 14 days of rest will have done the 49ers some good, and will show it vs. a Giants' team with only 6 days of rest.

Falcons(1-5) at Saints(1-4)
The Falcons' offense isn't bad, but their porous defense will stop Reggie Bush about as well as meringue stops a needle. Take the Saints at home.

Patriots(6-0) at Dolphins(0-6)
The stage is set. The undefeated Patriots are looking unstoppable. The winless Dolphins are ravaged by injuries.
This is Thunderdome.
The Dolphins have a strange tendency to take down the big teams while being unable to win against the weaker teams. This won't be the first time the Dolphins alone have stood against an unbeaten team, and look for the upset of the century in front of a house full of Dolphins' faithful.

Chiefs(3-3) at Raiders(2-3)
The Chiefs won't let a divisional game slip away from them, especially when it means the difference between #1 and #4. The Raiders stand virtually nothing to gain, and Culpepper will fall against the strongest defense in the division.

Jets(1-5) at Bengals(1-4)
The Jets can't even PRONOUNCE Houshmandzadeh, much less keep him covered. He and Chad Johnson will have their pick of the secondary, as well as their second win of the year.

Bears(2-4) at Eagles(2-3)
Take your pick... two big-talking mediocre teams will duke it out, making eachother look good. Give it to the Eagles.

Rams(0-6) at Seahawks(3-3)
Take it from me: The Rams will be the only team without a win by the end of next weekend. Steven Jackson can't keep his promises, and Shaun Alexander will re-establish himself and show Jackson how it's done. Seahawks in a landslide.

Steelers(4-1) at Broncos(2-3)
The Steelers have been flying under the radar despite a 4-1 record, and for good reason: they're playing sloppy. They stumbled against a Cardinals team that shouldn't have even been in the same LEAGUE as Pittsburg. That said, they WILL find their footing against a Denver defense that's allowing an average of 27 points per game. Steelers for a win.

Colts(5-0) at Jaguars(4-1)
Every fiber of my being says "Colts." "Manning Monday Magic." "Indy-structable." And other clever catch-phrases. But, for some reason, I hereby say "Jaguars." Don't ask me why.

So, there it is. Criticize me all you want: we won't know how bad I REALLY am until next week. 'Till then, I demand at least %10 of your winnings, and take no responsibility for your losses. Good luck!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Number A.) I follow what you're saying, but know virtually nothing about how other teams besides the Packers are doing; that being said, you sound football smart, so go you.

Number B.) I don't put money on football because I don't play that way...

Number C.) ...even if I did, and I used your match-ups as a basis for all my decisions, I'd give you 15%...that's my final offer.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Hmm 5 out of 14, eh? Not very good.

Let’s try this … here are MY picks for next week, and let’s see who has the better forecast!

Browns beat Rams

Giants beat Dolphins

Colts beat Panthers

Lions beat Bears

Steelers beat Bengals

Vikings beat Eagles

Titans beat Raiders

Bills beat Jets

Buccaneers beat Jaguars

Chargers beat Texans

Saints beat 49ers

Redskins beat Patriots

Broncos beat Packers

11:16 AM  

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