Saturday, January 10, 2009

Remembering 2008

I remember...

Starting the New Year, facing my final semester at Christendom. I remember panicking somewhat at the thought of having to finally write a thesis, something I had been dreading since I was roughly 11 years old, but moreso thinking about what I would do after I had to part ways with the first group of friends I had ever had.
I remember the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots in one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl History. I was at my house with Ben, Joey, Tony, Trish, Bex... Possibly others. I remember being perched on the back of the sofa during the Giants' final drive, hoping and praying that they could prevent those cocky a-holes from having a perfect season. I remember Eli's escape, Tyree's head catch, and Plaxico's came-clinching TD. I remember loudly singing "We are the Champions" in the car on the way back to Christendom.

I remember collecting my $20, and systematically ragging on any Patriots fan I encountered for the rest of the year.

I remember Lent, in which I gave up TV shows and movies, and was then forced to entertain myself at the Commonwealth by playing with my camera. I remember making countless videos of all of us doing absolutely nothing. I remember trying to catch the supernatural on film with Rand.

I remember making the trailer for the Commonwealth movie(which I sadly remember NOT making). I remember us putting the trailer in Coffee House.
I remember reading and reading, doing research for my thesis, but not actually writing it until Spring break. 50 pages in 7 days. Gotta love it. I remember getting extremely drunk with Daniel and Mark on that Wednesday off of vodka while we watched Rob and Big, all the while D and Mark convincing me it was for "inspiration".
I remember getting inducted into the debate society.
I remember Joe Hichborn Appreciation Day. I remember making a speech at the podium during announcements, and Dr. Keats giving me a hug.
I remember East-West week. I remember being the representative for East at the big race during lunch, and I remember Dean winning by a long shot.
I remember turning my thesis in, and calling Andrea. I remember talking about graduation.

I remember Leah flying in for graduation. I remember the pride she showed, and that I felt. I remember standing with Andrea the whole time we wore those ridiculous graduation gowns. I remember walking across the stage, collecting my diploma, shaking Dr. O'Donnell's hand. I remember turning around, diploma in hand, and waving it to Mike and Daniel up in the window.
I remember cleaning out the Commonwealth. I remember driving away.

I remember Ben living with us for the summer. I remember getting him hooked on City of Heroes, and hanging out with him after work, discussing the latest pro-life movement tactics. I remember balancing chilling with him and talking to Leah(neither side won or lost, so please try not to feel guilty about this).
I remember starting work with National Turn Services. I remember learning how to do maintenance on a house. I remember losing that DAMN key, and the following 24 hours that seemed to pass so-damn-slowly. I remember the relief at finding it.

I remember buying a car. I remember signing for it, registering it, getting plates, paying for it. I remember throwing together a video in celebration of it.

I remember flying to Wisconsin, to then roadtripping to the St. Louis area(y'know, the FIRST time). I remember shouting "THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!". I remember being shocked when Leah didn't get the reference, and forcing her to watch 300. I remember the pool being closed, and I remember the wedding.

I remember Andrea and Daniel buying a new house. I remember finding out that Kaylee was going to have a little sibling.

I remember the NFL kickoff party at Phil's.

I remember NFL, week 3, Dolphins at Patriots. I remember Leah was in the dining room with Kaylee and Andrea, and Mom was in the kitchen, as was I, because I was listening to the game on Sirius radio. I remember hearing them describe the very first Miami Dolphins Wildcat formation. I remember excitedly telling Dad that the Dolphins were running the single wing.
I remember the Dolphins beating the Patriots that day.

I remember starting my lightbulbs job, and my moment of realization that I had become the butt of my own "How many Christendom students does it take to change a lightbulb?" joke. I remember Daniel having to fire "other" Joe.

I remember the passing of a great woman. I miss you, Joyce, and I pray for you every day.

I remember my car starting to fall apart(and the progression of that for the rest of the year).
I remember watching the Dolphins win game after game. I remember daring to dream that this season could hold something great. I remember flying to Wisconsin so that we could once again roadtrip to St. Louis, this time go see the Dolphins-Rams game. I remember giving Leah her DS. I remember touring St. Louis, going up in the Arch, seeing Dolphins fans outside the church. I remember being scared that Joey Porter was going to beat the everlovin' out of me(but I can't remember why I was afraid of that). I remember "tailgating" in the car in a parking garage. I remember Leah's disappointment, but I also remember laughing about it.

I remember the game. I remember kissing Leah after the Dolphin's last interception. I remember hitting a bar after the game in celebration.

I remember Thanksgiving with the Marsh's. I remember NOT eating turkey, and it filled me with glee. I remember having the flu the week before Thanksgiving. I remember reassuring Leah that I'd be healthy by thanksgiving.

I remember the hiatus of the lightbulb job. I remember swallowing my pride and returning to work at Papa John's.

I remember being desperately poor. I remember having to suffer through a Christmas in which I didn't buy anything for anyone(not as wonderful as it sounds).

I remember the Miami Dolphins last game of the regular season: the dramatic return to the Meadowlands. I remember the touchdowns, the interceptions. I remember the victory. I remember being crowned AFC East Champions.

That's what I've taken out of this year. There are countless other experiences that will no doubt stick with me for years to come, but when I think of 2008, those are the things that will come to my mind. It wasn't the best year of my life, but it was definitely one which saw some of the most important changes in my life to this point. For that reason, it will always be important to me. I've no doubt that 2009 will be every bit as influential, if not moreso.

And so, here's to 2008. For better or worse, here we are.

Bring it, '09.



OpenID punkrebel84 said...

Thank you...if nothing else, thank you for remembering Grandma.

I love you.

6:22 PM  
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