Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Day Off.

I was told last night that I wouldn't be working today. Not only that, but when I woke up this morning(at 11:30!!!), I had the house to myself.


I enjoyed it.

Beyond that, I've been searching for a digital camera that I like, and won't feel guilty asking for. I have a few in mind... But we'll see. I'm flexible. Oh, also, I'm hoping to go car shopping today. Unfortunately, there's one thing in my way. You see, much like money, it takes cars to buy cars. And, with no one around to drive me to a dealership, or lend me a car so I can drive mySELF, I'm boned.

...There's a second reason why I won't be buying a car in the next few days, and it involves my bank calling me today, but it's a developing story, so I'll not give any details just now.

What have I been up to, you ask? Just workin', gamin', and talkin'. Honestly, that's about it. I work 'till 4 or 5, get home, play video games, eat dinner, play video games, talk to my girlfriend, and go to sleep. I didn't list eating and sleeping because they take up less time than my other pursuits. Weird, huh?

On Thursday, I leave for Wisconsin! I fly out around 5-ish, get in around 6:30-ish, and then I relax. A lot. Hopefully, that's OK with my hosts and hostesses. Leah and I are going on a road trip to a friend's wedding. Incidentally, this is partially why I'm trying to figure out what camera I want - I'd like to have it for the trip. People like pictures at weddings... it's a thing. Actually, I want the camera more for the trip than the wedding itself. I just friggin' love roadtrips, they're great. Ooh, which reminds me, I need to relocate my MP3 player... It, too, will be necessary for the trip. Hope I didn't leave it at A-Jay's... anh, oh well.

Ok, by now you've probably figured out that the whole reason for this post was for the video, and since that part is over and done with, so am I.

Peace out,


OpenID punkrebel84 said...

I am dating a nerdy white boy...I LOVE it!! =)

12:47 PM  
OpenID punkrebel84 said...

But where are the sunglasses?

2:05 PM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

No sunglasses! That's a common misconception. :)

4:31 PM  

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