Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rants, observations, 'n stuff.

You know what's annoying? Showers. I was taking a shower the other day, and I was musing on something. Why do they make 180 degrees of temperature options on the faucet, and make 1/4 of a degree actually bearable shower temperature? I mean, it's either fridgid-to-the-point-of-giving-you-hypothermia, just right, or scalding-hot-magma-water. Who would EVER use the fully to the right or fully to the left options? For ANYthing?! It's the same principle as making the speed-o-meter go all the way up to 120 MPH when that's not a legal speed ANYwhere, or making the over go up to 500 degrees when NOTHING calls for that amount of cooking. Does it make us feel more powerful?!

So, I finally have a job. Oh, quick follow up on pro-life t-shirt day... I got dress coded. At a Catholic College. For wearing a pro-life T-shirt. Go figure. Anyway, I work as a maintenance guy, cleaning up houses for new homeowners. It'd be a pretty sweet gig if it was a little more stable hours, but I can deal. At least it pays well. So, yeah. I'm doing that and looking for a car... That's pretty much all I've got.

Luzianne Tea kicks Lipton Tea's ass. I don't care who you are: if you claim to prefer Lipton, it's because A. You've never heard of Luzianne. B. You work for Lipton. C. You are a communist. That's it. No other options.

I like toast.

I had an appreciation day. Like a serious, no kidding, school-recognized "Joe Hichborn Appreciation Day" at Christendom. It was pretty amazing. I had teachers shaking my hand(Dr. Keats even gave me a hug!), it was announced at lunch, and I gave a speech. Hooray for freshmen with too much time on their hands.

I have a webcam!!! Observe:

Also, in case you couldn't tell, I got a haircut.

Hmm... Brief summary of goings on... Ben's living with me now. Oh, and he also reads this blog now, which means I gotta talk nice about him. He and I have been laughing at my angsty antics on here pre-junior year... *sigh*. Good times.

My diploma, which is arguably my most valuable possession(considering what I had to go through to get it), is sitting at the bottom of a stack of useless papers, gathering dust. How is it gathering dust at the bottom of a pile, you ask?

It manages.

Meawnhile, my computer and Ben's SNES get plenty of use. Ironic? No, just a testament. A testament to our greatness.

Oh, I'm behind on ALL reports. Hang on.

Now, I ask you to briefly reflect on the fact that I asked you to hang on, depsite the fact that, for you, the process was instantaneous. Heh, weird.

Snake's still going strong, for those who are interested.

Saw my first firefly of the season.


Ok, that's all for now. Hopefully, this was good enough to re-spark interest in my blog, both from readers AND myself. I want to start posting again... It's good to have a hobby. Cheers, fools.



OpenID punkrebel84 said...

You're webcam video was pretty wicked - and a little scary. ;)

6:31 AM  
Blogger Dominus said...

Mike needs to learn some new hand gestures

1:46 PM  

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