Friday, February 22, 2008

ALL Video, Movie Trailer, and so forth.

Ha ha ha... Way to go, Mike. I like that the ALL videos are getting bolder, more creative, and thus more memorable. Viewers: Spread these around!!!!

Also, here's a trailer for a movie that I'd actually kinda like to see:

*Insert rumor that it's directed by the guy that did "Cloverfield."*

As you can see, I have not been directing my attention towards my thesis NEARLY as much as I should, but I'm happy to report that I've been actually doing a lot of that today. Eisenhower's life is surprisingly interesting, plus the author that did this biography is really good... Hopefully I can stay in research mode, and prevent myself from just reading the biography front-to-back.

Speaking of notmythesis, I took two tests this week, and though I haven't gotten either of them back yet, I'm happy to say that I'm fairly confident I kicked BOTH of them in the pitooty!

Yes, pitooty.

It's funny: Every time I tell someone that I'm taking two science courses, the response is always the same: "Why?" Well, the reason WHY is because I happen to LIKE science. I finally feel like I'm taking a legitimate college course, y'know? And before you lecture me on how Christendom teaches much more important things than secular schools, I know all that, but I'd like to be able to talk about things that EVERYONE believes and STILL sound smart. No, that isn't liberal of me, it's egotistical of me. Get it right.

Watch this:

Ok... Nevermind. Stupid HTML won't let me make my little graph to show you how the physical world works. Oh, well. If I could draw on here, I could lay down some mad graphs. Yo.

...They see me ride on... my segway... I know in my heart they think I'm white and nerdy...

But anyway, yeah. Astronomy's cool, too. One of these days I want to go out to the observatory and check it out. The concept of a lightyear still boggles my mind.
Light travels at 670,616,629.2 miles per hour. Multiply that by 24, and you get 16,094,799,100.8 miles per day. Take THAT result, multiply it by 365.2422, and you have 5,878,499,832,134.21376 miles in a year. Spoken out loud, that's:

*Deep breath* Five trillion, eight hundred seventy-eight billion, four hundred ninety-nine million, eight hundred thirty-two thousand, one hundred thirty-four miles and (abbreviated) two tenths of a mile.

And THAT'S not even the worst part!!! We can see stars that are THOUSANDS of lightyears away!!! How is that even possible?! I know, I learned all this stuff (minus the specific numbers, maybe) in grade school, but it's still off the frickin' chain.

*Sigh* Ok, I think I've finished nerding now.
...31,038,479,113,668,648.6528 feet per year.

Ok, NOW I've finished.

In other news... I'm sad to report that the Miami Dolphins have lost the heart and soul of their defense, if not of their entire team. Zach Thomas' contract was terminated about a week ago, ending his 12 year stint with the Miami Dolphins, during which time he earned himself seven pro bowls and led the Dolphins in tackles ten times. He was a great player on and off the field, and we will miss him greatly. His parting words were full of class and appreciation, ending with "I will always be a Miami Dolphin in my heart."

Our hearts too, Zach. Now please, PLEASE don't join the Patriots.



Anonymous gf said...

Ah-hahahahahahahahaha! I'd totally pay money to see that movie! ;)

6:44 AM  
Blogger Scarcely Human said...

Hehe, yeah, you KNOW you just wanna see it for the Rand stripping part!

10:47 AM  

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