Saturday, April 16, 2011

Only 4 months later

So suck an egg.

Y'know, when I was writing my last post, if I had known it wouldn't be until 4 months later, I probably would have thought something to the effect of "Well, at least it'll be warmer."

Heh, yeah, no.

It's snowing pretty hard right now. I've got a fire blazing in the fireplace, Leah and I are sitting in the living room, my feet are cold, and I'm too lazy to get a blanket. It's just one of those afternoons, y'know? I just need a couple of hours to pass so we can get started on dinner, drink a cocktail, and play poker(which is totally our plan, because our marriage rocks).

So, what's the latest? Oh, brilliant tech guy broke his computer.

Yeeeaaaahhh... The power plug's been bent for awhile, and the plug inside the lappy finally started cracking away from the motherboard. I theorize that all I have to do is resolder it, which is fine, if slightly terrifying. Never tried THAT aspect of PC repair, but hey: I always say that I would never do something to a client's computer that I wouldn't be willing to do to my own computer. Good time for a little experimentation, right?!

Speaking of computers, does anyone need one? I just inherited two from Leah's work friend. One's a laptop(replaced the motherboard, power board, and CPU, and may need to replace the video card now as well) that, despite the list I just gave, actually works, and the other's a desktop that I have NO idea why I took it off her hands other than the fact that I couldn't bear the thought of it being thrown away if she couldn't find a good home for it. Yes, that's correct, I'm worse than the people who adopt animals from the pound just so they don't get euthanized. Anyway, it's the Frankencomputer - not because it bears an odd resemblance to Al Franken(though it does), but because it's the compiled parts of many dead computers. Oddly enough, it also works. I can't work on ANY of the three computers I just mentioned(work on the Frankencomputer in the sense of removing it from my trunk and doing something with it) because I currently have a client's computer.

That thing's gonna drive me up the wall. Give me a computer with a tangible issue, not "it boots up slowly". And I mean PRE-LOGIN slow boot, not "Oh, I like to have Yahoo messenger on autologin so I can see if my mother-in-law is online before signing onto facebook" slow boot. Also, 15 minutes or more. No errors, no viruses... Just stupid Vista. *sigh* Oh well, I enables boot logging, so hopefully that'll tell me something.

The other reason I've been bad about working on computers is that I've decided I only have the capacity to work either my body or my brain in one day - not both. I can't go from working out to working on computers. It's like trying to get a jock and a nerd to hang out - unless one needs a date to the prom and the other needs to pass the math test in order to be eligible for the big game on Friday, there's just no good reason for those two to hang out. And fortunately or unfortunately, Leah and I have been going to the gym every day, Monday through Friday(and Saturday, if you're my irrepressible wife). When I finish with work and the gym, I am D-O-N-E DONE for the day. So I've been pretty bad about my nerd-side. But hey - I've lost ten pounds since Christmas, so at least it's working! Hopefully, they weren't all in brain cells.

So, my siblings (*coughMIKEcough*) ask me at every opportunity when I'm moving back to VA. It's kinda difficult to address because number A) we just don't know, and... Well, that's sorta it. There's a bunch of factors and what-all. Let me just assure you guys of this - it will happen, and Leah and I both want it to happen, but we both also have lots keeping us here for the time being. Don't think I don't miss my family and the equal amounts of time dedicated to winter AND summer, but... Well, let me refer to Calvin and Hobbes to finish my thought, as I so often do:


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