Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogs, blog quizzes, and Philosophy.

Wow... there's a blog subject that'll grab people's attention. Heh.

I'm just killing time before I go off to philosophy class in ten minutes. I like that class, it's fun... mostly for the people. Not entirely just for the people, obviously. If I judged classes based solely on the people in it, I'd still be in French, wouldn't I? But, as it is, I have dropped french. Dropped it like it's hot. Which is good, 'cause it means I was able to pick up Theology 201! Woo!! So now, by the end of next summer, I'll be completely caught up(I'm taking French over the summer). Ohh man, the girls were upset with me, though. Can you blame them? I'm so freakin' cool, after all. No, seriously though, apperently my teacher was really disappointed. Not because I was such a good student (No, no, heavens no) but I just tried to keep it lighthearted and fun. If I hadn't, I would've died in that class. They think I'm just nice? If I didn't act silly in that class, I would've had to fact the fact that I didn't understand what was going on, not to mention the stress involved with that knowledge... no, I had to laugh at myself, or I'd have broken down in insanity.


Beyond points such as those, what else? Tomorrow's friday!! WOOO!!! Ohh man, I could use a weekend right about now... I've been a day behind for most of the week. Or a day ahead. Anyway, I never know what day it is. Oh, after class today, I'm moving into guardian angel. OHH!! And I've decided that I'm gonna bring my snake, Snake, up there too!! That'll be SO COOL!! Which remind me, I better ask Greg about that... Crap, and I gotta talk to Wurtz. What's wrong with me? I'm sitting wasting time, talking about nothing, and even as I comment about it, I do nothing to stop myself. I'm just watching Freshmen walk by the door. Crap, there goes Greg. Gotta go.



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