Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who are you people?


    *Blink, blink*

   Whoa... How long was I out?

   Over two YEARS?! What a waste of money, keeping my blog going that long. Blogspot, I'm ashamed of you.

   But hey, it worked out well for me(and you, gentle reader)! I guess I should catch you up. Let's see, my last post was May 23rd, 2011... Oh, this is easy. Wanna know why I haven't posted since May 23rd, 2011? Because we found out Leah was pregnant within 30 days(citation needed) of that post. Happily, it coincided with my 100th post, so our little break has done a nice job of separating "Life: Part 1" and "Life: Part 2". Or, do I want to go with "Season 2"? Nahh, we're way past season 2... Well, I'll let the eventual producers of my inevitable sitcom about my life decide.

   So here we are, two years and two kids later. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Don't worry; you'll catch up.

   The real beauty of my blog-break is that I've effectively purged all readers. I'll never forget how startled I was to discover that people at C-Dom actually READ my blog. Like, teachers, too. Now that I've gone dormant, anyone with any lick of sanity has stopped checking the blog, and I can get back to our primary focus: ME! HOORAY!!! Nobody reads this, I can say anythi--...

  Wait, what does it mean by "9 followers"? Oh, SERIOUSLY, you guys?! Get a life.

  Well, the beauty is, I can redirect you. I'm adding a few blogs to the sidebar, over there: --------->

One is my buddy from college - Down-home country boy from Texas talkin' about down-home country boy stuff, like Neo-socialism across our borders, and many, many other political science-y things that go way, WAY over my head.
One is my wife - Suspension of Reality, a collection of reviews on things to escape the heartache of a thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. This one will actually probably provide more insight into my home life than my OWN blog.
One is my sister - inspirational, beautiful pictures, updates from back home(for me).

 Check them out, they're all deeper, more thought-out, and provide more to society than I do. BUT, by providing links, I get co-author credit for ALL of them, so I DO contribute!

   LOVE MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, maybe at some point, I'll provide you with my life updates. Here's a teaser:
2 beautiful daughters
1 new house
1 new job
1 new job for my wife
     ...And much, much more!

       - Hich


Blogger AJay said...

Woah, I was just thinking that I've been neglecting my blog for a while, and lo and behold, you've posted. Weird.

9:09 PM  

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