Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Premature, I know, but...

Ok, so I was only able to wait 10 days to post. Sure me.

Well, we're comin' down the Christendom home stretch... this is the final week of, well, HELL(for us sophomores, anyway). Yes, by the end of this week, all papers must be turned in. The last papers of this INSANE semester will be done, stamped, and postmarked, ladies and gentlemen. Why aren't I more exited? Well, I am PRETTY excited, but I can only use so much caps in one post. Otherwise, my fingers cramp up. Anyway, I only have one paper left, much to the envy of my 4-papers-left colleagues. I'm not feeling it, though... I have to write this paper on something I know NOTHING about. Fortunately, I'm getting all the research done right now(well, not as we speak. Well, we aren't really speaking... more like typing. Well, it's not really "we"... more like I...). The point is, I might not be dead by the end of the semester. I'm not sure how finals will go, but we'll jump that hurdle when we get to it. I'm even feeling healthier, but that's because I have awesome friends who come over and make me chicken noodle soup(you rule, Jenne!). Not chicken soup for the soul, mind you. Don't try that. It burns, as she demonstrated later. I think the only reason I'm not more excited to see this friday come is because I HAD a reason to look forward to it, but that has since dwindled. My next door neighbor, and friend since I was born, was going to visit this friday, and we were going to take her down to the river. Well, it turns out she's gonig to have to go do some gay band thing. Ok, fair enough, these things happen. But NOW it turns out that there isn't even a RIVER this week!! I mean geez, I'm all for the weekend, but what's the point?! How about you just assign finals tomorrow and get it over with?! *sigh* I'm ok.

I was going to post about something else that escapes my memory just now... what was it...? Oh heh, my music videos continue to spread. I just got back from the snack bar, where I decided to expose several of it's unwitting workers to the horrors of 80's bands. It's... just so horrible. Poor folks never saw it coming. Anyway, that makes me laugh.

I lost $20 in poker today. I suck. It wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten ANY good hands, but man. I was catching crap cards all night! It wasn't an entirely bad night for cards, though-- I did a magic trick for Jenne. And no one will ever know the secret... it's MAGIC, I tell you! MAAAGIC!!!!! I invoked the dark powers of the netherrealm. It was swell.

Have I written enough yet? Can I STOP this?! I just hate those little one-liner posts... they're such falsies. But I DO think this is sufficient. Fare thee well.


Blogger Meche said...

Jenne is my favorite Hobbit, too!

2:37 PM  
Blogger White Phantom said...

I feel so special! I made it into the Hich's blog! I'm just afraid that after last night, you're going to start calling me Chicken Noodle Soup Girl, or something.

10:30 AM  

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