Friday, December 30, 2005

Good deeds and foul deeds.

Well, I just completed my good deed for the week or so. Actually, it was last night, but I didn't want to post then. So take it now, or never. Here's how it all went down:

It started when I made a delivery to a house with a $18.89 tab. Some girl answered and gave me one bill and took the pizza. I thought to myself "Anh, $1 tip, whatever", but as I started to walk away, she asked for change. Give me a break, here!! As I pulled the bill out of my pocket, I looked down and saw that it was a $50. Oh, yeah, I guess she can have change. BUT, as I was driving back to the store, I wondered to myself if she hadn't stopped me, if I had left the house before realizing she gave me an extra $30, would I have gone back to give her change? Well, evidently, the good Lord was thinking the same thing, so He gave me an oppertunity to prove it to Him, and myself. Later that night, I was making a delivery last night to some house, when a teenage girl answers the door -- I suspect a baby sitter, probably -- while talking on the phone. She seemed fairly distracted. She took the pizza, gave me a wad of cash, mouthed "Thank you", and shut the door. Fine. So I go back to the car to count the money(to count it in front of her would have seemed rude), and on a $27.66 tab, she gave me $53. Now, I'm all for bigger tips; I've gotten my share of 15 cent tips, and if I had left, no one would've been the wiser except me and my wallet, but c'mon, you know she didn't do that on purpose. So I went back to the door and knocked. When she answered, she thought she hadn't given me enough. I told her "No, you gave me a lot, actually." As it turns out, she DIDN'T mean to put that extra $20 in there. She took it back, leaving me with a still-good $5 tip, but what was better even than a healthy tip was her thanking me for being honest before I left. It just felt good.

And did it make a difference in my deciding to give the money back that she was cute? Nahh, 'course not.

Joseph Hichborn Personal driving record:
One (1) 1985 Toyota truck: Blown tire.
Cause of death: Didn't check the oil.
One (1) 1998 Honda Civic: Backed into someone in a parking lot, flat tire.
One (1) 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser: Boy, I just can't wait to find out.
Either my parents will never let me drive again, or they'll buy me a car of my OWN to destroy. Is it bad luck? Hard to say. The guy I backed into was parked badly... the truck wasn't mine, so it wasn't MY responsibility to check the oil, was it? *sigh*. Oh, well.

I'm listening to 80's music right now - yes, it's one of my music videos. Don't you all miss me so much?

I'm on my own for New Year's-- A-Jay and Daniel are going to a party, plus I'm working 'till 10, then at 1 on New Year's DAY. Plus that's the day my jerk manager gets back from vacation... THAT should be a fun 8 hour shift. Hope you all have a good time, though. Don't forget to kiss someone at midnight. It's a great tradition to uphold, I would guess.

Personal realization: Am I complaining more now than I do when I'm at Christendom? Oh, don't let it fool you, ladies and gents, I love break. I just feel more comfortable complaining to a computer screen than I do complaining to people.

Now then, I have to get in some reading and such before 4 AM, my unofficial bedtime.


Blogger Judit said...

Way to be Hich! You need an epithet. Joseph the Honest. You and Aeneas, I tell ya, you two could rule the world.

As far as midnight goes, the likelyhood of me kissing my cat is great. *growles* Or maybe I should save it until I get back to school and kiss Claire. That would be a lot of fun. She hasn't had a good freak out in awhile. :) *laughs evily and rubs hands together* Happy New Year, Hich.

Oh and if Beth askes A-Jay about a weird message I left on her (Beth's) answering machine, just tell her (A-Jay) that it's about rooming together and she (Beth) should call me back. :P

12:05 AM  

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