Friday, January 20, 2006

Don't you want me baby? Don't you want me, ohhh...

Good news, everyone!! I've stopped with the seemingly-endless self-pity! Yeah, I'm totally past that. Like, total man.

Ahh, back in the swing of things. Pretty cool to be back among friends(and/or enemies, as the case may be). I actually LIKE my teachers, if you can believe it, so even my 5-hour class days aren't too bad. This isn't what's keeping me happy, however... are you ready for this?

THE RIVER IS BACK!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but the weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's as though the sky is apologising for all the friday rains we had last semester. Maybe God loves me? I suppose ANTHING is possible. I issue a challenge to all of you: NOTHING could ruin this day for me. Go ahead, try it. I dare you.

I won poker the other night! Made a cool $90. Of course, that was after I bought in the 3rd time. I almost didn't do it, too. But I could NOT let that kid make off with my money. That's right, despite popular belief, I DO have some pride. For now, anyway.

Lessee... other tidbits... I told you about my roommate situation, right? Well, you probably know about it anyway. Yeah, it was pretty gay, BUT! I got my own room 0ut of the deal. Who could be unhappy about that? It's a different world, having your own room. Up doing my homework, listening to music as late as I want. Of course, I have to put on headphones once the girls next door start complaining about how loud it is through the paper-thin walls, but that doesn't really bug me. My headphones are comfy. Comfy? Is that a word? Well, it is now. I'm comfy with it.

Give a little respeeect... tooooooo MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

I think that'll do for now, pig... that'll do... Oh, also, I now have a re-chargable battery and a memory card for my digital camera(one half-hour of video starage space), so I can FINALLY put it to some good use! Score. Whelp, think it's about time for me to be hittin' the old, dusty trail..... can't get out the way.....*beeeeep beeeeeep* OOPS, found the fire door!

(Peace out, y'all.)


Blogger White Phantom said...

Okay, I didn't realize you had to buy in three times! But W00t to you for winning $90.

3:36 PM  

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