Saturday, January 14, 2006

The last straw.

Well, it just wouldn't be Christendom without one last ounce of bad news before I get back. It seems I've been replaced. Removed. Terminated. I know not on what grounds they decide to kick me out of my own room, but the point is that's what they're doing. It wasn't Greg, he's moving as well - into my spot. I'm being pushed over to the other side to replace Ben, and JJ (I don't know how to spell his name, but knowing Paul, I'm sure you can guess who's moving in) is moving into Greg's room. Now, either Paul took a leaf out of D's book and went crying to Wurtz about how he doesn't want me anymore, or Wurtz is simply hitting the crack pipe too often. How can they just kick me out? All my stuff is there, and I REALLY don't feel like moving it all Sunday night. Guess I'll have to, if I intend on sleeping that particular night.
So seriously, in it's full meaning and all that it encompasses, WTF?! What have I done to offend thee, oh annoying fates of college?! If there's an empty spot, MOVE THE NEWCOMER INTO THERE!!! Don't destroy the whole damn puzzle because one piece is missing!!
I need to get my hands back on my stabbin' knife.

Oh, and uh... blah blah Virginia weather blah 60 yesterday, snowing today, blah, insanity. There.

See yuh on the other side, peeps.


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