Sunday, January 22, 2006

War were declared.

I had no qualms with the former administration of the Commonwealth of Guardian Angel, but his was an administration of waiting. Mine is one of action. And when such henious deeds as the public attack and attempted humiliation on one of our very own council members present themselves, they will not be let off kindly. We shall return fire to our enemies quickly and effectively. Such return fire will not take place, of course, until the official signing and presenting of the declaration of war. However, plans for these attacks are already under way. Once started, this war will not end until one of the two parties involved either:
(a) surrenders, and agrees to the conditions thereupon, or
(b) is completely wiped out.

The aforementioned conditions to surrender will be decided upon and presented at a later date.


Blogger White Phantom said...

Butter!! Butter, butter, butter, butter!!!!

9:55 AM  
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