Saturday, March 18, 2006

A broken week.

That title's depressing. In reality, I'm pleased.

I mean, why shouldn't I be? It's spring break, I'm home, my sister's getting married, I'm the best man. It's all good. I should probably pick up some shifts this week(blarg), but y'know... cash is good too. AND, in about two minutes, I'm gonna go watch some SNL and eat anything I can find, which isn't much. So, yeah.

I don't even know why I'm posting. I'm kinda bored... I haven't been bored in the sense of "I have nothing to do" in a while. Sure, I've been procrastinating bored, but who hasn't? This bored right here... it's a quality bored. A bored for the ages. I can only hope, for your sake, that you all out there are bored too.

Nothing about school... nothing about school.... I say "nothing about school" because I refuse to mention about the Place Who's Name Must Not Be Spoken. YOU know the one I mean. So... something else... I went to a bar today. And you know what I did there? I had the chicken tenders. They weren't bad, but there's something depressing about going to a bar and having... chicken tenders. I mean really, people need beer when they go to a bar, they just... DO! *Le sigh*.

...Did I just sigh in french?

CRAP!!! I have to sign up for French classes over summer some time this break. THAT'LL be fun. Of course, my guess is it'll be a cake walk, so I'm not to worried about it, it's just who wants to take classes over a break? Nobody, that's who.
Allright, I wasn't being fair. The chicken tenders actually were pretty good... they had this BBQ dipping sauce and everything. They came with a pickle quarter, but I didn't eat the pickle quarter.... not in the mood, I suppose.

ARG, I'm missing SNL. A'ight, that's all for now, folks. Lemme know how y'all's breaks are going!!

MAN, I wish I had some chicken tenders!


Blogger White Phantom said...

CHRISTENDOM! Christendom! Christendom, Christendom, Christendom!!!

Actually, Hich, I'm having a pretty darn good time hanging around with the Vohn Ehr's and chiling. I really like chilling. And making food. Yea, that's good, too. And eating it.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Captain Oblivious said...

Very well Hitch, it goes very well indeed. Lots of work. Wish I could be bored out of my skull for a little while, but no luck. C'est la vie. Enjoy the rest of your break. See you at school.

9:35 PM  

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