Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mid-terms week a la mode.

I guess that would be mid-terms week, but with like... whipped cream, or... ice cream on top... or something.

I'm trying to figure out if I'm stressed about mid-terms, but I only have two, and considering that J-Ski changed his to be slightly more bearable, I think I'm OK. Finals might be a little harsh, but who cares? That's years away. Literally.


I've come to the conclusion that I have one too many sisters looking over my shoulder. Just the other day, A-Jay told me that Trish had expressed concern over my eating habits, which seems a weird thing to be concerned about, since I've NEVER eaten well. Like, ever. Maybe I'm packing on an extra few pounds, I honestly don't pay attention. Then, later that day, Trish told me that A-Jay is worried about my study habits. Which is also weird, because I've NEVER studied all that much. I guess that's more noticible because instead of procrastinating by doing a variety of things, I'm procrastinating by playing poker. There's really no difference in the amount of studying I'm doing, though. Honestly, there isn't.
Besides, this whole semester is a joke so far. I have four papers total, and so far, two of them have been 600-800 words. Last semester, it might have been an issue, but they're kind of taking it easy on us sophomores this semester. So what's the deal? Do they have nothing to worry about for themselves, so they worry about me? I'm not complaining(much), it's nice that they care and all, but stop with the guilt trips and all that, they aren't helping.

I'm rather angry, I would LOVE to live off campus next semester, and the perfect place was up for rent, but by the time I actually asked some of the guys if they would be interested, and much to my surprise, they jumped at the idea, the place was taken off the market. It would all work out, too, because Paul is going to Rome in the fall, I'm going in the spring, and Rand and Joey aren't going at all, so there would be at least 3 guys to hold down the fort the whole time. I feel like an idiot for not looking into it sooner, but oh well... I SHOULD keep my eyes open still, but the problem is that it would pretty much have to be on Shannendoah Shores, considering that 3 of us lack a car. Hmm... difficulties.

What else, then? I'm in a movie, which is actually turning out to be rather fun. Trying to come up with things to say in a movie in which there is no dialogue, but my mouth has to keep moving, is more difficult than I would have thought. In one scene, I acted like I was breaking up with the Miami Dolphins. In another, I told Claire (Gail) that I wished dragons would burn down her city. Unfortunately for that one, I couldn't keep a straight face for two seconds, so I suppose watch out for that in the bloopers reel. Y'know, it's called a "movie" because it's a "move-y". That's why, when they started hooking microphones up to actors, they called it a "talkie." So next time you're talking about the movies, think about them as move-ies. 'Cause people move in them. Guarenteed, you'll laugh to yourself and say "Heh, that Joe is one silly punk."

People love America. Whassup with that?

Someone is visiting this week!! WOOOOO!!!! A good friend of mine from freshman year. But she won't tell me when, she says she'll "surprise" us. That doesn't work for me, though, 'cause you never know when I might "accidentally" sleep through class. Oh well, we'll see.

Hmm... I'm... hungry..... right, so, talk at you later.



Blogger White Phantom said...

I'm worried about your sleeping habits.


Midterms would be SO MUCH better with whipped cream or ice cream!!
So much!!

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