Monday, May 15, 2006


More or less, that's how I feel. Blorg. Isn't that a great word? It's so expressive.

So, uh.... yeah. Summer. How about that? It's kind of odd to be home again, and I have yet to figure out if that's a GOOD odd. I suppose it's a "I don't have homework(yet) but I haven't unpacked either and basically I lied around doing nothing all day" sort of odd. Right now you all want to accuse me of being a loser, but you KNOW you did the same thing. It's relaxing and exhausting, leaving that blasted college. And I only left for the summer. Not, y'know, a lifetime.

BLORG. What am I trying to say? OK, I'm officially annoyed at my mom's computer. Specifically, her keyboard. The buttons are VERY sticky and it's hard to type properly. Hell, this post might end up not according to Turabian!! Heaven forbid, right?

Moving along, I just signed up for summer french classes. I must hate myself... stupid french. I get to spend the summer waking up IN THE MORNING!!! NNOOOO!!!!!!!! I didn't even know the summer HAD a morning! WHAT ELSE HAVEN'T YOU TOLD ME?!? So anyway, enjoy your sleep, y'all... you're lucky to have it.

I suppose at some point I have to report for active duty. Uhh, to Papa John's, that is. Yup, we all love money. Just not acquiring it. That's why I told my dad to get to work. After all, if I'm ever going to be rich and infamous, it's pretty obvious that my only hope is inheriting it. I'm too lazy to work any harder than just barely enough to keep myself alive. That is, until being alive is too difficult. Then I'll fade away.
Like all jedi.

...punch and pie.

What is the point of this post? I guess just to let everyone know I'm still alive. Of course, after reading this malarky, I think you'll be less convinced than ever, but whatev. Anyway, to anyone I didn't get a chance to say "bye" to(and those I care about enough to say bye TWICE to), farewell. I do hope you guys(say, why isn't it "guies"?) have a rock, rock on summer. I may not miss the place, but I daresay I might miss the people. So all of you out there, be back next year. I DEMAND IT!!! Oh, and if I don't see you before you leave, have a GREAT time in Rome. That way, at the end of the year when you're bragging about how much fun you had, I can crush you by telling you about the BETTER time that I had. So burn, you cocky SOBs.




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Baby...guys is not spelled "guies" because "y-s" is applied right after vowels. You understand? Of course, I could be wrong. I really don't trust my Bachelor's Degree...I think it lies. It's not even written in English, after all. Oh wel...

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