Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Title of June 20, 2006 post

Instead of continuing conversations from previous posts, I'm going to pretend like that whole little argument never happened. I won't even mention it.
...Except there. And there.

... And there.

Right, so, anyway, how's everyone's summer going? Or is it summers? I pretty sure there's only one a year, right? Right. Anyway, mine's going well. I'm just finishing up the first "semester" of French for the summer. The second semester will be taken online. I figure the less actual speaking necessary, the better. Other than that, I'm working at Papa John's most of the time. I know, I know, delivering pizzas is so cliche for a teenager job, but it's good money, so who am I to argue?

I may have already mentioned this, but I have to go to FOUR WEDDINGS THIS YEAR!!! I shouldn't say "have to"... they'll all be fun.
Wave 1: Lauren's wedding.
Occuring July 4th. This one I wasn't formally invited to. Well then, why am I going, one might ask hisself? Because the bride-to-be called me up one night, asking if flying out of BWI on the 2nd and flying back in on the 6th would work for me, since she already has the tickets all set up and ready to be bought.
Uh.... ok.
Apperently she's flying me out, paying for the tickets and everything. I am, as it turns out, a gift to be given. Probably not re-gifted, though. I'm no longer in mint condition.
Anyway, this'll be fun, since I get to see my girlfriend for 4 days, as well as camp in the bride's backyard with Ben and Rand singing river songs.

Wave 2: Trish's wedding.
...Oh, crap. I'm supposed to send that invitation back so I can actually go. Right, well, assuming I get on THAT, this will be occuring July 25th. This one should also be good times - I expect to dance to "absolutely fabulous" at the reception.

Wave 3: Andrea's wedding.
Is it weird that I'm calling all of these by the bride's name? It's the guy's wedding too, y'know. Anyway, this shouldn't need much explaination. Occuring on August 5th, this will be insane. I'm the best man, so you KNOW I'll hook it up. Or fail miserably. Either way, it'll be a day to remember.
Oh yeah, and I'm happy for Andrea and Daniel as well. :)
Much dancing and celebration, and all of that jazz. It'll be that much better if Leah can magically fly out here for it, but we'll see.

Wave 4: Marjorie(my other sister)'s wedding.
Not too much info on this one, yet. All I know is it's occuring sometime in November. It better not be on my birthday, though: That's MY day.

I think that's all. My brain is empty, all of your's are full, and the universe is once again in balance.