Friday, September 22, 2006

Give a little respect... to.... ME!!!!

And then, posting happened.

Oi, what a week. I expected to relax... then I didn't. On friday, did the usual thing, then went to river. Always fun, of course. Then Mike Mruk, Chris Pelczar and I went back to Guardian Angel (I refuse to refer to it as Cardinal Newman) to watch The Godfather. We got about an hour in and I crashed. I was OUT. So we gave up.
On saturday, I was just on my way to Brunch when I saw a moving van outside. Turns out Eric and Ryan were moving. So, I figured I'd stop by and help them move. No skin of my back... or nose... or however that saying goes. Didn't mean to rhyme that, by the way. Anyway, so I helped them move until about 2:30. THEN Eric invited me to go with 'em for dinner and stuff. I suspect he actually just wanted help UNpacking, but I was young and naive, so I agreed. And off we went. Their place is pretty nice, actually. So I helped them unpack, and Eric and I went to KFC for dinner.

We bought $31 of KFC for just the two of us. That was a legendary dinner, the thing of children's stories. It was MOST excellent. I think I'm still full from it.

So then we played video games for about an hour until I came back, just in time for Ben's Bash!! That was fun, as always. And by fun(at Christendom), I of course mean they had food. ...I'm sorry, did I imply I had FINISHED eating after $31 of KFC? Silly, silly reader, do you not know me at all? So yeah, ate their candy, then played ping pong and listened to music until curfew or so.

Sunday rolls around. 8 AM Mass, then Kings Dominion. THAT was awesome, especially since Tony Klosterman and I ditched the rest and made round around the park. See, I've been there a good 15 times or so, so I know what rides to hit where, when. While everyone else was wandering aimlessly, we were on an ordered schedule, resulting in us hitting every good ride, including the Drop Zone 5 times.

Yeah, Tony was slightly obsessed. Poor kid.

It may have been all these factors leading to my incessant tirededness all week(and my sleeping through my first two classes yesterday). Hard to say, though.

So I got my two papers back this week... I've decided I strive for mediocrity. I haven't been doing ANY homework for ANY subject(short of papers, obviously), and it's starting to catch up with me. Even my notes are terrible in all but two classes. I never did the reading for either of my papers, which may be why they were C and C+, respectively. Even so, I'm pleasantly surprised they were ranked as "average" and "average plus". I certainly didn't put forth an average effort, so lucky me.

Tell me, audience: Should I buckle down?

That's all for today.

P.S. I put a world of 80's music on the F drive. Call it in protest, since they refused to play "Don't Stop Believin'" at the last dance.
A certain someone refused to play it, on the grounds that it was "lyrically inappropriate".
...Words... cannot describe.... must control... fist of death...
I'm going to have a word with someone about it, though. Ok, peace out y'all.