Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip

For a very brief overview of my drive halfway across the country, let me consult my text message inbox from those two days...

"Grandpa said you should be in PA by now..."
"Are you in Denver?!"
"So do you hate Ohio yet?"
"Let me know when you're in Indiana..."
"How many miles from Indianapolis?"
"You're what happens when you get drunk on Cape Cod."

Yup. Adventurous.

I don't have the patience to go into too much detail just now, but long story short...

I moved to Wisconsin - temporarily into Leah's parents' house, until I can find a job and apartment. Spent most of yesterday sleeping, but finally cracked a newspaper today and began the search. There are some definite prospects, so I remain hopeful!

Still not quite comfortable just taking food out of the kitchen. Leah's dad told me to make myself at home and help myself to any food, and quickly followed that up by looking in the pantry and saying "...Not that there's any food in this house to begin with."
Just like home.

Leah and I keep laughing about still being in "visit mode" - feeling like we have to pack in as much time as we possibly can together because SURELY I'm leaving after the weekend.
...Except I'm not.
So despite the fact that we have all the time in the world together, we still feel compelled to stay up late watching movies and stuff. I feel kinda bad - she's pretty tired at work, and I sleep 'till noon. I'm sure it'll wear off and we'll get used to seeing eachother. It's all good.

Blahh blahh... Time to go do something else. Peace.