Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ok, ok, ok...

Forget the football picks, forget the video post, forget Alaska. I don't have the patience to get all caught up. So let's just talk about me in the PRESENT, shall we?


Ughh.... Now, if only there were something to talk about. Right now, I'm sitting in front of my computer, in the middle of my filthy room, wearing a bathrobe and sweatpants, and it's 2:23 in the afternoon. A flock of birds is flying by the window, and a single ant is crawling up my leg.

Inch by inch...

Whoa, sorry, got a little overly poetic there. Those last two things aren't even true. I think, perhaps, I'm losing my mind. Back to business. I'm feeling particularly idle lately. See, I started my new "changing lightbulbs" job last week monday, and it was supposed to be my great, steady job. 13 houses a day, every week day. Sounds simple enough, right?


So I've had no work for the past three days, and for the billionth time in a row, my paycheck won't be as big as I had hoped it would be. Bloody hell, am I EVER going to get out of Virginia?! I just can't take the mediocrity of my own life anymore!! Football sucks, my car is falling apart, my girlfriend is a hundred thousand miles (roughly) away, I have NO friends nearby, and living in this house with two spastic parents and no one else is starting to severely drive me up the damn wall. Sound emo? Well, it should! And when I don't even have WORK to get me out of the house, and when I don't have much spending money to justify leaving the house for social reasons, it makes one start to question the reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

You wanna know what got ME out of bed yesterday? Apple butter. THERE'S your proof I've lost my mind - I'm turning into Martha-fucking-Stewart.

... A little nutmeg sprinkled on boiled apple cider really brings out the flavor of fall. It's a good thing.

I've just felt less patient with everyone, less caring about anyone's problems but my own, and when I start doing that, then I really lose contact with myself and, eventually, my friends. Don't you understand that I ignore my own problems by listening to other people's? That's what I do! I'm not supposed to be like this.

MAN I wanna work!

And WHAT is up with the Dolphins?! You can beat the good teams, but you can't beat the CRAP teams?! WHAT THE HELL??

*Sigh* Sorry, guys... Just pissed off right now. Gotta focus on things to snap me out of it(for cryin' out loud, Joe, GROW A PAIR). So, what can I do?

*Work out
*Clean room
*Take care to mechanic
*Write more zombie story
*Play more video games

So, I think I'll try some of that. Have I told you guys about my zombie story? Yeah, you probably know about it. Ok, cool. Check it for updates soon.

Peace out, homies.
--Hich (17)

Friday, October 03, 2008

My Alaska Trip

To sum it all up, very quickly...


Sorry about the delay, everyone... My account was acting up. But, I'm back, and fully intending on updating regularly! But, right now, I'm tired. Check back in soon for NFL picks, latest news, aaannndddd.... A video post!