Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Premature, I know, but...

Ok, so I was only able to wait 10 days to post. Sure me.

Well, we're comin' down the Christendom home stretch... this is the final week of, well, HELL(for us sophomores, anyway). Yes, by the end of this week, all papers must be turned in. The last papers of this INSANE semester will be done, stamped, and postmarked, ladies and gentlemen. Why aren't I more exited? Well, I am PRETTY excited, but I can only use so much caps in one post. Otherwise, my fingers cramp up. Anyway, I only have one paper left, much to the envy of my 4-papers-left colleagues. I'm not feeling it, though... I have to write this paper on something I know NOTHING about. Fortunately, I'm getting all the research done right now(well, not as we speak. Well, we aren't really speaking... more like typing. Well, it's not really "we"... more like I...). The point is, I might not be dead by the end of the semester. I'm not sure how finals will go, but we'll jump that hurdle when we get to it. I'm even feeling healthier, but that's because I have awesome friends who come over and make me chicken noodle soup(you rule, Jenne!). Not chicken soup for the soul, mind you. Don't try that. It burns, as she demonstrated later. I think the only reason I'm not more excited to see this friday come is because I HAD a reason to look forward to it, but that has since dwindled. My next door neighbor, and friend since I was born, was going to visit this friday, and we were going to take her down to the river. Well, it turns out she's gonig to have to go do some gay band thing. Ok, fair enough, these things happen. But NOW it turns out that there isn't even a RIVER this week!! I mean geez, I'm all for the weekend, but what's the point?! How about you just assign finals tomorrow and get it over with?! *sigh* I'm ok.

I was going to post about something else that escapes my memory just now... what was it...? Oh heh, my music videos continue to spread. I just got back from the snack bar, where I decided to expose several of it's unwitting workers to the horrors of 80's bands. It's... just so horrible. Poor folks never saw it coming. Anyway, that makes me laugh.

I lost $20 in poker today. I suck. It wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten ANY good hands, but man. I was catching crap cards all night! It wasn't an entirely bad night for cards, though-- I did a magic trick for Jenne. And no one will ever know the secret... it's MAGIC, I tell you! MAAAGIC!!!!! I invoked the dark powers of the netherrealm. It was swell.

Have I written enough yet? Can I STOP this?! I just hate those little one-liner posts... they're such falsies. But I DO think this is sufficient. Fare thee well.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

If only to please those who follow my life, I post to thee.

I know, I know, I didn't wait the required month before posting again, but apperently people READ this blog now, so I have to keep them happy. You see, this blog isn't for me, no no, that'd be absurd. It's for YOU greedy people. And so, without further adieau, or however that's spelled(I don't speak surrender), on with the show.

My birthday was freakin' SWEET. It started like any other birthday, and continued as such, but when I went back to my room at 5, a bunch of people jumped out at me and yelled at me. I know, it doesn't sound as pleasant as it actually was. No, but yeah, I had a surprise party! It was actually my first, if my memory serves me correctly. It was really, REALLY cool. Turns out I have friends! They went the whole nine yards, too. Pizza, soda, dessert, and cards. Oh, and of course, music(but no dancing... after all, it was a party for ME.). It was a lot of fun, getting to just hang out with friends. And I think I needed it, 'cause this week has been pretty crappy, which moves us to the complaint section of today's post.

So, yeah, I had a Way test on thursday, as well as a paper due(but that certainly wasn't turned in on thursday), a test friday, which I had to stay up late studying for since I was finishing up my paper on thursday night, but the test then got moved to monday so it can get in the way of my OTHER paper I have to write which is due on monday and which I haven't started yet!!! WEEEE!!!!!! Anywhoo, let's move on.

I didn't make it to the river last night, sadly. I went to a birthday party for Trish(what's with all the birthdays this week?!). Don't get me wrong, it was a lotta fun as well, what with the free dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and the hanging out drinking at her boyfriends. Still... no Lydia Pink, no John Tunakanaka, no beer... NO BEER! Made me cry. Oh, and at Ruby Tuesdays, I ordered the "Louisianna fried shrimp". Little did I realize, "Louisianna fried shrimp" translates to "Christendom friday platter". Gee, let's see, it was fried popcorn shrimp, fries, and cole slaw. It made me very, very depressed... here I had a chance to get a QUALITY meal on a FRIDAY, and I'm so attatched to Christendom that I subconciously order more Christendom food. *Sigh*. Oh, well.

I'm 19 now. Ah-HA HA HA HA!!!!

I'm so run down. I just feel DRAINED, mentally and physically. Papers do that to me, and I have to turn around and do another... Thanksgiving can't come soon enough. But then, I should work to get more money that week. I just want to sit around. If you can believe what I'm about to say, I actually can't wait for the week after Thanksgiving break. You see, my best (and only) friend from home is coming to Christendom to visit!! THAT'S going to be awesome. Don't get me wrong, I like the people here, but I've known this girl as long as I can remember, she's like the little sister I never had. She's coming on Dec. 2nd, and staying the weekend. It's gonig to be so much fun, we're taking her down to the river. Rock, rock on.

There's so much I haven't said, but I don't know what it is. Even if I did, I don't know if I'd know how to say it.

I was about to go, but I realized that I can't leave without giving this post a pick me up, so I'll go out on a joke of some sort. Uh... right. Um. So there are these two muffins cooking in the oven, right? And one turns to the other and says "Hot enough for ya?" The other turns around and says "HOLY S***, A TALKING MUFFIN!!!!"

A guy walks into a bar... WHAM!

Oh, I know. So I'm in English yesterday, right? And I was still kinda sick at this point, so I'm just spacing out, staring off into space, when I realize Dr. Rice is looking at me, so I answer him with an intellectual "What?". He asks if I brought my text today.
Did you READ your text?
"Uh... I didn't finish it"(Nor did I start it, but he didn't have to know that.)
So five minutes later, he's picking people out to dramatically read, and he's picking just about everybody in the room to read for some part (except Liz... sorry, Liz.), and when he gets to me, he just looks at me and says "Hichborn... oh, you're worthless." and moves on.
Oh. I'm worthless.
I told this story to Trish at her birthday party and she said "Oh, that's ok, you're not worthless in a bad way, you're worthless in a charming way!"
So I looked at her and said "Worthless in a charming way... like a hobo wearing a ripped and patched sport coat?"

...I'm charming? My complements always seem odd in some manner. But hell, I'll take it.

Dinner time, my subjects. Go, eat.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Girls are evil(you heard me) and other observations

The guys are right. Life is much easier to deal with when you simply accept one, simple proposition: girls are evil. They are the exception to the doctrine that all of God's creation is good. I'm afraid that the objects of us guys' affection are simply concentrated badness walking aroun in skirts. Once this is realized, there is less stress involved in trying to understand the female mind. After all, I don't have to understand evil, for I try to seperate myself from evil. I'm a good person, you see. I suppose it is fortuate; I realized this just in time! Any later, and who knows what kind of evil I could have gotten myself involved with? Dodged a bullet there. And so, I re-begin my life as a, as Greg put it, "swingin' bachelor". Not LITERALLY swingin', of course, because the only way to swing dance is with evil.

There. I feel better now.

Well, here's my monthly update. Sorry to leave you with no updates (or I would be, if there were anyone that actually read this journal *wink wink*), but I've had more pressing matters to attend to around here. A lot of craziness has gone on here in the past few weeks... much more than I'd care to relate right now, but let's see what I CAN get to...
Oh, the evil of evils came to visit last week. That... sucked. I swear, it took her less than a minute to piss me off. ONE MINUTE. I don't know WHAT her ultimate goal is... possibly to be shot in the mouth... but at least she has, for the most part, given up on bothering ME. I mean, actively bothering me. Hoo-Ray.

Ladies and gentlemen, the river has returned. I don't know WHAT I did to cause God to smile upon me and shine His light forth, but the river has returned to us through december, and so my weekends have regained purpose. Again I say, and say it with me, Hoo-Ray.

Paul now lives in my room (in my bed, more accurately... I had a gigantic bed that was two beds smashed together, but now he's moved in and he TOOK one of 'em.). It's ok, he's pretty cool, but he freakin' falls asleep in the damn shower and it takes him forever... I keep missing my morning classes. That's not going to fly.

Halloween was OK until I lost the respect of all my friends by recommending 28 days later as a movie to watch. Silly me, but is it my fault they wanted to see a legitimately scary, well-directed and acted ZOMBIE MOVIE with a decent plot? Seriously, I don't know what to make of someone that would actually expect that. I thought it was decent, but it wasn't enough for them, so that's strike 2 for me if you include the fact that I liked Serenity. I've decided I'm never going to talk about movies to anyone again. Ever. Someone might waste their ever-so-precious time. I went to the halloween party as a ninja, so no one recognized me... that was pretty cool. Actually, an evil dressed up like a ninja too, and I wanted to ask her to dance but we had to leave early to watch "the worst movie ever made." I need to seriously re-examine my life when I make a decision like THAT.

Oh, I carved a pumpkin... I think I'll take some pics with my digital and post them here. Trust me, it wouldn't be the same to explain it.

I'm hungry. Bye.