Friday, July 10, 2009

A cleverly-titled post.

Ok, let's get the pleasantries out of the way...

Still living at Leah's parents' house, no job, no money. Going to Kaplan college to get certified to be a computer support technician. Leah got a new job at Greuber law firm.

There! Not that that's out of the way, how about we talk about what I want to talk about for a while. That OK with you guys? Good. Now, then... Something strange occurred to me the other day, and I'd be surprised if someone's written on it before.


A quick google search reveals that I am quite wrong. Well, whatever, I'll list my OWN observations, then see what others have to add.


*Feature a title character who is "the chosen one".
*The title character starts off by going to a new school, and is immediately popular.
*The title character starts off grateful for their friends, but eventually becomes really whiny about being the chosen one, and how no one else could understand what it's like.
*The title character has two closest friends - one somewhat-bumbling guy who is the comic relief and always seems to be the first to turn on the title character(yet is somehow the most loyal in the end), and a nerdy, super-smart girl.
*The series is seven sections long.
*The title character always looks to an old, wizened British guy for advice and consul.
*The title character dies briefly.
*There's a friendly werewolf in both.

Okay, let's see what else we can find...
Both rebel against authority... Someone equated Snape with Spike... Someone else equated Ginny with Angel(um, no).

The only other good point I could find, and I have no idea where I saw this unless I dreamed it up, was equating the Watcher's Council with the Ministry. The higher-up levels of authority, supposed to be designed to aid the title character(though more loosely in Harry Potter), but end up hindering them more.

Hmm. I miss anything?

Wow, this was a pretty dorky post. I'll have to do something to counteract it. *ahem*

Hot babes. Football. Beer and nachos. Hemi-powered.

That is all.