Friday, February 29, 2008

How to make an awesome singing, dancing robot!

This is how I spent my Friday(although I did steps 1 and 2 over the past year and a half, I always wanted to do this, I just never did).

STEP 1: Purchase an "Itsy Bitsy Singing Spiderman."

STEP 2: Remove his flesh with knife or scissors.

STEP 3: Cut the wire in the back(this is the wire that carries the music... doing so will prevent him from singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" anymore).

STEP 4: Purchase a cheap, generic set of headphones.

STEP 5: Remove the "headphone" portion, leaving two wires and the headphone plug.

STEP 6: Strip about 1 inch from both the wire left on the headphone plug and the wire coming out of your robot's head, and twist them together.

STEP 6 1/2: Cut your thumb open while performing step 6.

STEP 7: Plug the other end of your headphone wire into Walkman, CD Player, MP3 player, or other music device.

STEP 8: Amaze your friends.

A'ight, peace out y'all.


Friday, February 22, 2008

ALL Video, Movie Trailer, and so forth.

Ha ha ha... Way to go, Mike. I like that the ALL videos are getting bolder, more creative, and thus more memorable. Viewers: Spread these around!!!!

Also, here's a trailer for a movie that I'd actually kinda like to see:

*Insert rumor that it's directed by the guy that did "Cloverfield."*

As you can see, I have not been directing my attention towards my thesis NEARLY as much as I should, but I'm happy to report that I've been actually doing a lot of that today. Eisenhower's life is surprisingly interesting, plus the author that did this biography is really good... Hopefully I can stay in research mode, and prevent myself from just reading the biography front-to-back.

Speaking of notmythesis, I took two tests this week, and though I haven't gotten either of them back yet, I'm happy to say that I'm fairly confident I kicked BOTH of them in the pitooty!

Yes, pitooty.

It's funny: Every time I tell someone that I'm taking two science courses, the response is always the same: "Why?" Well, the reason WHY is because I happen to LIKE science. I finally feel like I'm taking a legitimate college course, y'know? And before you lecture me on how Christendom teaches much more important things than secular schools, I know all that, but I'd like to be able to talk about things that EVERYONE believes and STILL sound smart. No, that isn't liberal of me, it's egotistical of me. Get it right.

Watch this:

Ok... Nevermind. Stupid HTML won't let me make my little graph to show you how the physical world works. Oh, well. If I could draw on here, I could lay down some mad graphs. Yo.

...They see me ride on... my segway... I know in my heart they think I'm white and nerdy...

But anyway, yeah. Astronomy's cool, too. One of these days I want to go out to the observatory and check it out. The concept of a lightyear still boggles my mind.
Light travels at 670,616,629.2 miles per hour. Multiply that by 24, and you get 16,094,799,100.8 miles per day. Take THAT result, multiply it by 365.2422, and you have 5,878,499,832,134.21376 miles in a year. Spoken out loud, that's:

*Deep breath* Five trillion, eight hundred seventy-eight billion, four hundred ninety-nine million, eight hundred thirty-two thousand, one hundred thirty-four miles and (abbreviated) two tenths of a mile.

And THAT'S not even the worst part!!! We can see stars that are THOUSANDS of lightyears away!!! How is that even possible?! I know, I learned all this stuff (minus the specific numbers, maybe) in grade school, but it's still off the frickin' chain.

*Sigh* Ok, I think I've finished nerding now.
...31,038,479,113,668,648.6528 feet per year.

Ok, NOW I've finished.

In other news... I'm sad to report that the Miami Dolphins have lost the heart and soul of their defense, if not of their entire team. Zach Thomas' contract was terminated about a week ago, ending his 12 year stint with the Miami Dolphins, during which time he earned himself seven pro bowls and led the Dolphins in tackles ten times. He was a great player on and off the field, and we will miss him greatly. His parting words were full of class and appreciation, ending with "I will always be a Miami Dolphin in my heart."

Our hearts too, Zach. Now please, PLEASE don't join the Patriots.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Result: Giants 17, Patriots 14. Final.

One Giant Loss

Epic Failure

So close



Perfect Season

Ha ha ha. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.


I knew 17 was my favorite number for a reason. Now, I have several reasons.

Have a perfect day,

P.S. I know what you're thinking: "What, this late? Isn't this kind of old news?" Well, to answer your question, no. In fact, this will not get old for quite some time. Probably not at least until next season. Likely, not until the next time the Patriots win the super bowl. Which, without cheating, might be damn-near impossible. Too bad for them.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Yup. Thesis. That's exactly how much I know about that long-ass paper I have to write this semester.

...It's called a "thesis".

It's true, I don't have anything written yet, now do I have any research done, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I REALLY don't have a topic yet. But do I worry? Of COURSE NOT!! And WHY?!?!

...Uh... Because I have really F'ed up priorities, that's why.

Nah, I'll get it done. Starting it is always the hardest part for me, and since I'm essentially giving up distractions for Lent, I will HOPEFULLY be in the clear. But still, that's wayyy in the future, not something for me to be thinking about right now. So what SHOULD I be thinking about? Weelllllllll.....

The Super Bowl.
Giants vs. Patriots

Eli Manning tries to live up to his brother's name, and the Giants try to climb their way out of obscurity and into history.


Tom Brady tries to find another girl to knock up and simultaneously make all Catholics look bad because he's supposed to be, andthe Patriots try to cheat their way into history as only the second team to go without a single loss in a season.

Everyone's talking about the patriots. The patriots, patriots, patriots. Blah, blah, blah. I refuse to be one of them. Let's think about the Giants for a moment. The Giants came closer than anyone else to beating the pats. In fact, ever since the Eagles revealed a chink in the pats armor, they haven't quite seemed the invicible team they think they are... Long story short? This is going to be a MUCH different game than everyone expects. That's why I'm calling for a party.

That's right: I may have missed it last year, but the tradition of a Super Bowl party at Hich's house is FAR from broken!!! This year has been a painful one for all of us, but that doesn't mean that the football championship is any less important or meaningful.

And it CERTAINLY doesn't mean it's any less of a reason to drink.

It should be a pretty good party this year. I invited two classes of people: My close group of friends, and my outter-group of friends that know/give a crap about the NFL. That way, I'll have fun AND strategies to discuss at halftime! Win freakin' win, baby!!! I'm sad that A-Jay won't be around, but I guess I have the rest of my life to chill with family, but only this semester to chill with my friends.

Damn you, don't get choked up! Hold it in... hold it in... *sigh*

No, but yeah, we have all the usual foods and everything, so it should be a good time. You should come! I mean YOUUUU!!!!!

Well, I'm now on the phone, and it would be wrong to both you AND the person on the other line to continue with both. And so, I bid you all farewell.