Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back in black... dress code.

So here I am, back in that place. It's.... actually, it's not that different. I have a different view on my friendships these days. First off, the only time I talk to my friends on the phone is when I call them... I don't receive calls, except for Rob, which is cool, Rob's a good guy. But, I don't know, it's slightly discouraging. But it's still all good... I'm finding friends where I need them. Speaking of friends, I was thinking the other day (for one reason or another) about, if I were to be married today, who would be my best man? It came down to Dominick and Ben, obviously. And much as it pains me, as cool as Dominick is, I'd have to go with Ben. I mean, I hang out with Ben ALL the time. I think Dom would understand though.... and he'd still be a groomsman, as would Rob and Ski. BUT, more important than all of this, who'd be the bride?! Heh, oh well. I think I have time to work on that one.. and, for that matter, I will TAKE time to work on that one. I'm more nervous about writing a thesis in the future than I am about that. Iss all good.

Moving along, with A-Jay back and classes started, things have started to go in sinc here at Christendom. She brought me a friggin' BOOMERANG, which is just beyond awesome, though I can't seem to throw it properly. For that matter, however, NO one can seem to throw it properly, so there you are. I feel bad, too, because it's getting a little beaten.... I feel kinda obligated to keep it in good condition, as a souvenier. On the other hand, A-Jay seemed really excited to see it thrown and stuff. She's cool like that; she's just glad I'm enjoying it.

Let's see... other Christendom antics... oh, oddly enough, the person I find myself hanging out with the most thus far is Dominicks girlfriend. Fear not, it's not a behind-his-back thing, she's just cool. I actually feel a little sorry for her. Her entire class is in rome, so she's forced to turn to UNDERCLASSMEN for socialization. Poor soul. Speaking of, she wanted to try out the boomerang again, but she didn't see me when she left class just now. Anh, I'll catch her at dinner.

Chrstendom is just odd without Ski. Who'da thought he'd leave such a hole? But seriously, everyone is aware of the lack of his presence. You look over to the St. Joe's porch, expecting to see Ski through a cloud of smoke. There's even a new teacher that everyone has embraced as the "Ski teacher", because they look so freaking alike. It's wacky. But he's in our thoughts and prayers, and we all hope he can return next semester.

As for me, I've gotten back to roots. I'm sitting here in the computer lab, listening to Matt's music, and I'm enjoying every moment of it. It's to be short lived, though.... long class day tomorrow. How much longer can it be to the river? *sigh* I'll never make it three more days...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Pizza and Beer don't mix.

That was an odd delivery I had just now.

I go to deliver some pizza, it's about 11 PM, and some drunken girl comes around, I assume, to pay for the pizza. I get out, and she says slurredly and laughing "Hey, come on around, we're all around back. What's your name?"

"Uhh... Joe."

It was at this point that she noticed I was carrying a pizza. And wearing a poppa john's hat. "Oh, you're the pizza guy.. ha ha, hey, this pizza guy's cute!!" She laughs into her cell phone.

"Oh, dear." I think to myself, surpressing a grin.
After she tries to reassure me that everyone else was drunk, but she wasn't, the guy that placed the order tells me that he doesn't have the cash. He has $10 of the $32 owed. He sends drunken girl to go bully the REST of the people into pitching in for the cash. Then some angry mother comes around asking why she can't pay with credit card, blah blah blah... Anyway, eventually there are many people gathered around my car, trying to solve the problem. Or rather, trying to remain standing, which for them, WAS the problem. The females kept apologizing to me, the guys kept asking if they could start eating the pizza. Eventually, they were able to change it to a debit card order, I was given the $10 as a tip, and some drunken girl hugged me in thanks. It was scary.

So, I go back to college in 2 weeks... it's so weird. I feel like I have a lot left to do before the summer's end, but I suppose I don't. I JUST got settled into the summer life, though. The job, the cars, the money, the women... These are just SOME of the things I wish I had been able to acquire before the summer's end, but oh well. I still can't help but look forward to this next year... I feel like a traitor. I spent the last 18 years of my life learning to hate school, but... I had never actualy experienced it. But then, this isn't just school, it's COLLEGE... it's a big deal. And holy crap, it's 1/4th over!! What am I doing?! Excuse me, ladies and gents, I gotta go get on with my life, before it's over.