Saturday, May 20, 2006

But everyone ELSE is doing it, why can't I post a survey?!

Ugh. I feel filthy posting a survey here. This was supposed to be MY blog, my secret blog in which I complained about other people behind their back!! But no, now I must please my audience. Enjoy.

Nosy Questions
You Come First!
what's ur name?:The Hich.
what r nicknames people call u by?:Oh, uh... that WAS it. Ok, fine, Joe.
how old are you?:19.
how old do you act?:11 and 21, depending on the day.
where do u live?:A land far, far away.
where do u wish u lived?:Wisconsin.
Family Comes Second!
do u have siblings?:Yes.
if yes, how many?:4.
which is your favorite?:A bag of starving wolverines.
do u get along with ur parents?:Yes.
Admit it, youd have no life without ur parents.:Uhh... o..k...
Did you admit it?:What's WRONG with you?
Friends Come Third!
how many friends do u have?:Sometimes, I think I have none.
do u love them all equally?:HAIL no.
which one do u usually go to for advice first?:Depends what I need.... either Leah, Andrea, or Ben.
which do u usually call first to hang out?:They're all MILES away... USually, Leah.
which do u find urself disagreeing with the most?:People that aren't my friends. They suck!
do u feel u need more friends?:No.
what genre of music do u jam to?:Punk, mostly.
what's ur favorite band(s):Punk ones.
who's ur favorite singer(s):Lead singers of Punk bands.
what kind of music do u hate most?:Classical country, if it exists.
what kind of instrument would u love to play?:Air drums.
Do u know someone who can seriously kill a good song?:Yes.
who's that person and what are they to you? (lol):My roommate, Paul.
out of 100%, how much do u love clothes?:0%. Down with pants!!
how many jeans do you own?:Two.
how many shirts do you own?:Many.
how many shoes?:6.
do u prefer brandnames, or nonbrand names?:Uhh... pass.
what are ur favorite stores?:Goodwill.
would u ever bust 500 on nothing BUT clothes?:Yes. But I assume we're talking pennies.
your crazy if you said yes:Yeah, well, at least I can spell "you're".
What do u think about...
the president:I try not to.
gay/bi marriages:...How can you have a bi marriage? Eww, though.
religion:The good one is good, the bad ones are bad.
school:It's lame, except when my girlfriend is there.
career:Specify: WHO'S career?
me:You make weird surveys.
Can u live without...
a radio (music)?:I do, unfortunately. I still have music videos, though.
a car?:I do, unfortunately.
ur parents?:I sorta do at college, but then, they pay for that, so...
electricity?:I LOVE camping!
a computer?:Again... I do... but I mooch off others, so that works out.
ur friends?:For the trillionth time, during the summer, I DO.
Do you suffer from...
insomnia?:It's late at night, everyone else is in bed, and I'm taking this damn survey. So no.
ADD?:Of course I don-- OOH, a peice of candy!
ADHD?:...What's the difference? No.
odd obsession over Italians?:Their food is quality, but they're too hairy.
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

...Still feel filthy...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

*GASP*! Bad words!

The title is for all those scared of such things. You may want to turn away now.

This is an article from "The Onion", and it just hit so close to home that I HAD to post it. YOU all know what I'm talking about. ;)

Guy In Philosophy Class Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

September 28, 2005 Issue 41•39

HANOVER, NH—According to students enrolled in professor Michael Rosenthal's Philosophy 101 course at Dartmouth College, that guy, Darrin Floen, the one who sits at the back of the class and acts like he's Aristotle, seriously needs to shut the fuck up.

Floen is known to make his insufferable comments during class at Thornton Hall.

His fellow students describe Floen's frequent comments as eager, interested, and incredibly annoying.

"He thinks he knows about philosophy," freshman Duane Herring said. "But I hate his voice, and I hate the way he only half raises his hand, like he's so laid back. We're discussing ethics in a couple weeks, but I don't know if I can wait that long before deciding if it's morally wrong to pound his face in."

"Today he was going on and on about how Plato's cave shadows themselves represent the ideal foundation of Western philosophical thought," said freshman Julia Wald moments after class let out Monday. "I have no idea what Plato's ideal reality is, but I bet it doesn't include know-it-all little shits."

Wald added: "If he uses the word 'dialectical' one more time, I'm going to shove my copy of The Republic down his throat."

Although he demonstrated a familiarity with Peter Singer's view on famine relief during a discussion of John Locke's theory of property, Floen is reportedly unfamiliar with the theory of cramming it for a change and giving someone else a chance to speak.

"Just last week Professor Rosenthal was talking about Russell's Paradox, and that jackass starts going off: 'But what about Heraclitus' aphorism: Everything flows, nothing stands still?'" classmate James Luers said. "At first I was like, 'That's totally irrelevant,' but then I was like, 'Well, actually, it does apply to the nonstop flapping of your trap.'"

Among the 40 students who regularly attend Philosophy 101, the one who has endured the most suffering is freshman William Deekes.

"Some people know Darrin as just 'that guy in philosophy class who needs to shut the hell up,'" Deekes said. "I, however, also know him as 'the douche in African history who seriously needs to chill' and 'the a-hole in environmental sciences who could really use a girlfriend.'"

"I enrolled in this course because I was fascinated by the question of God," said sophomore Miriam Blank. "After spending six hours a week in the same room as that unbearable windbag, I think I have my answer. Life is as long as it is cruel."

The outspoken student has not gone unremarked by the course's professor.

"Mr. Floen is a valuable contributor to our in-class discussions," Rosenthal said. "His tendency to question and challenge everything before him captures the very essence of philosophy itself."

Rosenthal added: "Having said that, I do wish he would occasionally do me the valued service of shutting his damn cake hole."

*Sigh*... man, that makes me happy. Anyway, that's about the size of my update. I have yet to get anything done, but soon... very soon...

Monday, May 15, 2006


More or less, that's how I feel. Blorg. Isn't that a great word? It's so expressive.

So, uh.... yeah. Summer. How about that? It's kind of odd to be home again, and I have yet to figure out if that's a GOOD odd. I suppose it's a "I don't have homework(yet) but I haven't unpacked either and basically I lied around doing nothing all day" sort of odd. Right now you all want to accuse me of being a loser, but you KNOW you did the same thing. It's relaxing and exhausting, leaving that blasted college. And I only left for the summer. Not, y'know, a lifetime.

BLORG. What am I trying to say? OK, I'm officially annoyed at my mom's computer. Specifically, her keyboard. The buttons are VERY sticky and it's hard to type properly. Hell, this post might end up not according to Turabian!! Heaven forbid, right?

Moving along, I just signed up for summer french classes. I must hate myself... stupid french. I get to spend the summer waking up IN THE MORNING!!! NNOOOO!!!!!!!! I didn't even know the summer HAD a morning! WHAT ELSE HAVEN'T YOU TOLD ME?!? So anyway, enjoy your sleep, y'all... you're lucky to have it.

I suppose at some point I have to report for active duty. Uhh, to Papa John's, that is. Yup, we all love money. Just not acquiring it. That's why I told my dad to get to work. After all, if I'm ever going to be rich and infamous, it's pretty obvious that my only hope is inheriting it. I'm too lazy to work any harder than just barely enough to keep myself alive. That is, until being alive is too difficult. Then I'll fade away.
Like all jedi.

...punch and pie.

What is the point of this post? I guess just to let everyone know I'm still alive. Of course, after reading this malarky, I think you'll be less convinced than ever, but whatev. Anyway, to anyone I didn't get a chance to say "bye" to(and those I care about enough to say bye TWICE to), farewell. I do hope you guys(say, why isn't it "guies"?) have a rock, rock on summer. I may not miss the place, but I daresay I might miss the people. So all of you out there, be back next year. I DEMAND IT!!! Oh, and if I don't see you before you leave, have a GREAT time in Rome. That way, at the end of the year when you're bragging about how much fun you had, I can crush you by telling you about the BETTER time that I had. So burn, you cocky SOBs.