Thursday, November 30, 2006

Barely making my monthly post...

I got skills like that.

So, first, an update to my last post. I spread out all my music among four, count 'em... FOUR different folders. For those who want it all, check my folder, Ben's folder, Andrea's folder, and Ziggy(A.k.a. 80's Freshman, a.k.a. Luke)'s folder. Or, just use the computer in the far corner of the computer lab - there's a Joe's 80's music playlist.

SO, moving on to bigger and better things. All the Rome people have gotten/are getting back. Sounds like they had a... time. Seems like they either loved it or hated it. Makes me wonder if it's always that way, and if so, which category I'll fall into. But then I remember that I don't care. Hoo-ray!
This, of course, is all assuming I'm doing better in all my classes than I think. As far as I can tell, I've got a pretty good C going in all my classes except for Theology. This translates to my GPA being BELOW 2.0, which equals no Rome. Maybe I should be writing the paper I'm putting off right now, after all... but then again, maybe not.

DEFINITELY maybe not.

On the other hand, which now the third hand or so, I was threatened with my life if I don't go to Rome. Something about slitting my throat while I sleep, or something, I dunno... I've received so many death threats I just kinda tune them out at this point.

I have nothing but contempt for all the people around me.

That may or may not be true, but mostly it was just to piss off the people who are reading over my shoulder. Suckers.

Other things... it seems I'm getting a laptop for Christmas. W00t!!! There's something I'm excited about. I've needed a computer since I started not having a computer, which was some time last year. I will do nothing in Rome but play City of Heroes. I'm such a cool dork.

Enjoying the weather... it's all "warm before the storm"y... kinda nice. I hate being cooped up inside, but if I go outside, then I have to face up to where I am. Oh sweet internet, take me away!

Done. I'll try to post more often, but if I don't, maybe I'll post from Rome.


Oh, and P.S. go to, and look up "beer ape". It's just swell. That's the song that's running through my head.