Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New? WHAT'S new? Things are NEW?!


I want my money.

Ok, lots of catching up to do. Where to start? Why, with the most important thing, o' course! I HAVE A CAR!!!

1. Most of you have probably already seen this video.
2. I don't care. Watch it again.

Ok, I WILL continue with my post, but first... I just saw this video. Watch it, too.

I teared up after watching this... I THINK it was from laughter, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, yes, I have a car. A 1995 Black VW Jetta III(Manual transmission, of course). I LOVE it!!! I finally have all the freedom I imagined I'd have when I got my license!!! WEEE!!! Also, it gets 33 miles to the gallon, so HELLZ YEAH!

*Sigh* I'm better now.

Needless to say, right after getting my car, I went out and purchased chrone rims and crome skull doorlocks, because I'm that much of a super-fiscial nerd. Still paying it off, and I'm broke right now, and my boss really needs to pay me like he should have YESTER-FREAKIN'-DAY... BUT, I digress...

Now, the heart of the matter: Brett Favre.

Today, I saw an article. Allow me to give you an excerpt.
"...Here was Favre, the pre-eminent face of the league since McNabb's high school days. A champion universally recognized as an iron man for his durability, Favre was perceived as a force threatening to infect the progress of a Packers franchise looking to hand the reins to comparative toddler Aaron Rodgers. The Packers' greatest hero found himself pushed out of Green Bay like some vagabond with offensive body odor..."
The rest of the article can be found here:

I'll save you the time, and tell you that it carries on, as above, about how no star player is safe if Favre can be "kicked out" like that. Now, allow me to have my say.
Brett Favre is a great football player. He has been a shining example of great play, dedication, and sportsmanship for a good 16 years on the field now. We were all very sad to see him go. But to say that he was kicked out of Green Bay "like some vagabond with offensive body odor" is such a wretched, subjective insult to the Green Bay Packers that I feel it deserves a little rebuttal. Yes, that's right: I feel the Packers, not Favre, are the wronged party in all of this. See, when Mike McCarthy was told that Brett wanted to play again, he was put in a very tough spot. After all, what coach in his right mind WOULDN'T want Brett Favre on his team? None. Brett Favre can win more games than most quarterbacks in the league, and certainly more than Aaron Rodgers. So why not take him? Because the Packers' head coach gave his word to Aaron Rodgers that he would be the starter this year.

"So?" asks the greedy fan. And with fair reason. After all, we've all heard "We are happy with the players we have at this time", or "We have no interest in a trade", or the infamous "I will not go back to coaching college football." But Mike McCarthy, unlike so many people involved in the NFL today, decided to keep his word - something Brett himself was unable to do. After all, he gave his word that he was retiring, and we all know where THAT ended up. He broke his word to the Packers, and put them squarely between a rock and a hard place.

"They pressured him into retirement!!" screams the emotional fan. Here's an idea: GROW UP. You're telling me Brett Favre has never been under PRESSURE?! It's a high pressure business, so cry me a river. He shouldn't have said something he didn't mean, and even after he did, he should have just decided to suck it up, and stay retired.

Don't tell me Brett was thrown out with yesterday's garbage. I'm fairly certain that not keeping him was the hardest decision this organization has ever made, but they made it correctly. Brett, we love you, but you did this to yourself.

If you will all excuse me, I have to go do a Fantasy Football draft. I'll keep catching up later on.